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Advancing Your Career with an IMU MSc in Molecular Medicine

03 Apr 2015

People’s motivations for deciding to apply for postgraduate study vary. Some students are motivated by the advancement in their career, love for the subject and gaining new knowledge. These students can choose to do their postgraduate studies in the same University where they pursued their undergraduate degree. This is what one of our alumnus did. MMM2 A Biomedical Science Alumnus and currently a MSc in Molecular Medicine student at International Medical University, Salini Mohan Kumar, said, “The MSc in Molecular Medicine is a very interesting course. I prefer to do this Masters than full-time research as I can learn more about other fields such as proteomics, genomic, metabolomics, bioinformatics, stem cells, and at the same time get some hands-on skills on research. Besides that, this masters is also very suitable for those who are working as it is not exam based, rather coursework based.”

“It is a great experience studying this programme and the knowledge I get from this course is very useful for my career as a lecturer. It also triggers my interest to be involved in research projects in the near future. I am glad that I made the right choice of choosing this Masters course. I would definitely recommend this master course to those who are keen in learning more about the current advancement of science and technology in medicine.”

MMM1a Salini plans to join the industry after completion of her Masters degree, mainly in research and development based companies or might even continue lecturing and further her PhD in IMU. Another IMU Alumnus, Dr Hiew Litt Yee, a graduate from the IMU Medical programme took up the MSc in Molecular Medicine as it will be able to give her an insight to the latest developments in the rapidly advancing field of molecular biology and equipping her with information on the technical and scientific advances in molecular science as well as drug design and delivery with the aim of preparing her to be an independent researcher. She hopes to be able to broaden her horizons and perhaps with a wider perspective, could advance further into the world of research wherein the possibilities are almost endless.

Beverlyn Nathan A/P Batmanathan, another student who is currently working as a lecturer, chose the MSc in Molecular Medicine because she wanted to enhance her knowledge in the current science field and to go further into the teaching field, moving from pre-university education to a higher level.

Venturing into something new, different but beneficial to contribute in her field was the reason Eli Aimi Shakira Bt Amran had for joining the MSc in Molecular Medicine programme. Currently working as an Optometrist at the Vista Eye Specialist, she hopes that she can learn and gain essential knowledge and that she can continue her studies to PhD in the related field.

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