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Team Maggo Wins Battle of the IMU Foundation in Science Cohorts!

28 Apr 2022

Winning team of the  IMU Foundation in Science Inter-Cohort Science Competition: Team Maggo (L-R) Gan Xuan En, How Xing Xuan, Dweepanvitha Nunna (the one in the video call), Elsa Faraheen Binti Mohamed Raziff

The Foundation in Science students kicked started 2022 with an Inter-Cohort Science Competition! It was a first of its kind where the 3 cohorts of 2021 Foundation in Science students could flex their muscles, put on their thinking cap and compete against each other in a science competition. The competition was held in conjunction with the IMU 30th Anniversary celebrations. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and long period of online learning, there was a lack of opportunity for students to interact with peers, hence the Science Competition was indeed a great way for students to connect! A total of 19 teams (4 members in a group) from the FS221 and FS321 took part in the competition. The first round of the competition took place on 8 January 2022 with an online quiz via Microsoft TEAMS where each team were put into breakout rooms. Questions asked comprised of General Science, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The top 5 groups of the first round (Maggo, OUTside Scoop, CKPD, Ge Ju and Einstein Brothers) were then qualified to proceed to the Final round. Finals! The exciting event took place a week later, and the finalists competed each other in science quizzes via Bingo method. Given an hour time limit, the first group to get 5 boxes in a row wins! And…..*Drumroll* The winning team was Maggo from FS221!

Team members of Maggo (How Xing Xuan, Nunna Dweepanvitha, Gan Xuan En and Elsa Faraheen) were elated and said “It was really a good exposure for us to compete in a face to face environment and the competition was well organised. All of us really had a lot of fun and great experience.”

Congratulations Team Maggo!

The Winning Teams
Winner Maggo (L-R) Gan Xuan En, How Xing Xuan, Dweepanvitha Nunna (the one in the video call), Elsa Faraheen Binti Mohamed Raziff
First Runner-up OUTside Scoop (L – R) Kwa Jia Yi, Lim Jay Min, Lai Thung Thung, Chew Yi Xun
Second Runner-up CKPD (L-R) Kee Jing Xin, Chew Sin Tze, Pan Sin Hong, Damian Lim Qi Wei
Third Runner-up Ge Ju (L-R) Ng Kai Yun, Son Xiao Qiu, Yap Ai Leen, Boh Zhi Wei (Absent, Not in picture)
Fourth Runner-up Einstein Brothers (L-R) Lai Jun Jie, Sim Khen Aik, Chiah Ming Zhe, Chuah Yi Hong

The other teams echoed the sentiments of Team Maggo. Team Outside Scoop (Chew Yi Xun, Lai Thung Thung, Lim Jay Min and Kwa Jia Yi of FS221) who won 2nd Prize said, “It was the first time for us participating in this kind of competition. During the competition, we were very very nervous when we saw math questions and it is difficult to solve the math questions under a short period of time! But overall, it is really fun and thrilling. We enjoyed the competition very much!” True to the objective of this competition, Team CKPD comprising of Damian Lim Qi Wei, Pang Sin Hong, Chew Sin Tze and Kee Jing Xin of FS321 states, “This inter-cohort competition was very creative and fun as we were able to go back to campus for the first time to meet our lecturers and get to know students from other cohorts. Overall, it was a memorable experience, the final game was very exciting and we had so much fun. We hope there will be more events like this in the future.”

All in all, it was an event of resounding success in engaging the students of various cohorts, honing their scientific knowledge and developing long lasting friendship and peer support.

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