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Biomedical Science Day Spreads Awareness on Biomedical Science

10 May 2019

22 March 2019 – Biomedical Science Day with the theme of Haematology (the study and treatment of blood) was finally here!

A fun-filled day at IMU to spread awareness on Biomedical Science.A fun-filled day at IMU to spread awareness on Biomedical Science.

There were a total of 7 booths at the event. 
Introduction Participants were given a brief introduction as to what biomedical science is– an interdisciplinary course in which subjects such as anatomy and physiology, statistics, microbiology genetics and bioinformatics are taught as well as an introduction to what ISBS (IMU Society of Biomedical Science) was about. Booth members also shared their personal experience studying Biomedical Science at IMU together with the avenues as to where they can go after completing the degree.
Blood Pathology The principles behind the blood diseases thalassemia and anaemia were discussed at this booth. To make the experience more interesting, microscopes were available for participants to examine peripheral blood smear slides with ALL (acute lymphoid leukaemia) and AML (acute myeloid leukaemia). They can then make a side-by-side comparison of this with normal red blood cells and white blood cells, which was also available at the booth.
Microbiology As with all other booths, informative posters were tacked up on a board at the booth. The posters provided information on several infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi and parasites as well as the blood borne diseases that they caused. The experience was enhanced by showing the participants agar slides with infectious agents as well a memory flash card game.
Blood Biochemistry At the Blood Biochemistry booth, participants were able to learn more about sickle cell anaemia. Those manning the booth explained how it was obtained and how to detect it. Participants were shown test tubes, diagrams on haemoglobin electrophoresis and strips before testing on their newfound knowledge.
Blood Typing The Blood typing booth was a hit with the participants! This is because the process was literally carried out in front of participants and they were informed of the various compatible blood groups for blood donations. They also enjoyed 2 games at this booth– one that involved throwing a ring on a bottle and a pop quiz.
Phlebotomy Constantly packed with participants, the Phlebotomy booth showcased venepuncture protocol and precautions. The purpose of different vacutainers was also laid out. Participants were allowed, with supervision, to have an interactive experience of drawing blood from the model arm. Their knowledge was once again put to the test – this time by a word search and were awarded with small gifts.
Blood Forensics Blood forensics booth had three activities – Gel electrophoresis, pH test and a DNA band matching game. These were demonstrated to participants by booth members before they attempted the activities by themselves.

A fun-filled day at IMU to spread awareness on Biomedical Science.A fun-filled day at IMU to spread awareness on Biomedical Science. At the event, two Biomedical Science students, Jaithra and Ezekiel interacted at the booths, interviewed the participants and hosted quiz sessions. Food and drinks with interesting names such as alien blood and human blood were also sold. There were also four mascots – each representing a blood type – that handed out gifts to participants who had gone around to all the booths. The event ended with a keynote presentation about acute myeloid leukaemia and chronic myeloid leukaemia by Prof Aziz Baba, Vice Chancellor & CEO, IMU Education. Overall, Biomedical Science Day was a very enjoyable experience. It was very fulfilling to see our months of precise planning and coordination between the two cohorts (BM117 and BM118) culminate into this spectacular event. A fun-filled day at IMU to spread awareness on Biomedical Science. From this event, I learnt a sad fact. Not many people – including the people who worked in healthcare – are aware of the role of biomedical scientists in the healthcare industry. I personally think the reason for this is because biomedical scientists are not at the forefront of healthcare – the way doctors or nurses are. We work almost exclusively in labs and thus do not have much opportunity for patient interaction. Despite this, we are still an integral part of healthcare and are pivotal in the contribution of patients’ well-being. That being said, this gives us all the more reason to host this event as it spreads awareness on Biomedical Science. Written by Isabelle Chow (BM118)

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