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Caring for the Community at Ti-Ratana

31 Mar 2016

January 2016 – A pre-visit was conducted by the project leader to identify the needs of the elderly residents of Ti-Ratana. It was found that these residents had dry skin and needed attention. Skin health is essential to the well-being of older people and a central component of nursing care. During this pre-visit, it was also found that the residents were lonely and needed someone to talk to them. They were also experiencing body aches. 1 March 2016 – Prior to the actual visit, a total of 14 staff and students attended training conducted at IMU. IMG_9232IMG_9475IMG_9240 12 March 2016 – A total of 59 staff and students from various programmes namely Nursing, Biomedical Science, Pathology, Human Biology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Nutrition & Dietetics, IRDI and Multidisplinary Laboratory Departments (MDL)  participated in a  visit to Ti-Ratana. During the visit, together with skin inspection, a talk on skin care was given, to provide insight to the elderly on the importance of skin care. Following this, massage was applied on the elderly residents by students and staff. Students had the opportunity to explore practical and hands-on aspects of counselling in working with these older adults. Good interpersonal skills can lead to less litigation; creating a friendly environment for patients and staff; development of good reputation for IMU and high quality ‘hands-on’ training for students, staffs and faculty. IMG_9354IMG_9440IMG_9523 Postural screening for the children aged 7-14 years old were carried out by the Chiropractic students and lecturer concerned. At the end of the screening session, a dance was performed by the chiropractic students. The Ti-Ratana children of the target group also  participated in this dance . IMU CARES The overall report and reflection received from the elderly citizens was that they were happy and satisfied with IMU Cares services as they had an opportunity to express their feelings through communicating with staff and students of IMU. Students reflected that they were happy to be a part of this community project as it gave them an opportunity to learn and apply various activities as a community responsibility and made new friends from other programmes. IMG_9545

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