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Breaking Barriers: Medical Biotechnology Day 2023 Ignites the Algae Revolution

15 Aug 2023

6 July 2023 – In celebration of scientific ingenuity and environmental stewardship, the Medical Biotechnology Day 2023 at International Medical University (IMU) took a momentous leap towards a greener future. Themed “The Algae Revolution: Preparing for the Future,” this year’s event broke barriers as it marked the first physical gathering after the pandemic of COVID-19, drawing more than 300 enthusiastic secondary school and university students from across Peninsular Malaysia.


The dedicated Medical Biotechnology faculty, in synergy with the collaborative efforts of students from MB121 and MB122 cohorts, worked tirelessly for nearly seven months to ensure the event’s resounding success. Their aim was to highlight the versatile utility of algae in modern biotechnology industries and provide hands-on exposure to techniques used in algae biotechnology.


The highlight of the day was the much-anticipated “Algae Model Building Competition,” which witnessed an overwhelming response from schools. Participants showcased their creativity and scientific knowledge by crafting visually captivating models representing diverse algae species and their potential benefits to humanity and the environment.

Winners of the Algae Model Building Competition


Students’ Name


Algae Name

Grand Prize Winner

Lim Xiao Yi
Riko Pang Zhishan

Chong Hwa Independent High School

Noctiluca scintillans

First Runner-up

Chan Eugene
Cheong Shiun Zi
Chloe Sin Zhi Yi

Chong Hwa Independent High School

Chlorella vulgaris

Second Runner-up

Parveeni Suresh
Santhosh Ponnukutty
Ee Jing Xuan

Regent International School

Dunaliella salina

Third Runner-up

Chwa Zong Jiun
Yung Xiao Han
Chan Oi Tong

Kuen Cheng High School

Dunaliella salina

Fourth Runner-up

Yashwini A/P Buvaneswaran
Loh Hui Nie

Foundation in Science, International Medical University

Chlorella vulgaris

Consolation Prize

Low Tze Kian
Augustine Wong Ken Jin
Tan Khai Zheng

Kuen Cheng High School

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Consolation Prize

Sehejpreet Kaur Jasvinder Singh
Sachpreet Kaur Jasvinder Singh
Saieesha Marta

MAZ International School

Coscinodiscus wailesii

Consolation Prize

Levine Lee Wen Xu
Eunice Khoo Jing Yen

Westlake International School

Chlamydomonas sp.

Consolation Prize

Florence Kong Thong Ern
Tan Jin Qiao
Lim Hong

Kuen Cheng High School

Euglena gracilis

Consolation Prize

Rayyan Sayyed
Amelia Chan Xin Yi

MAZ International School

Thalassicolla nucleata

The event also featured enlightening public talks by renowned speakers in the field, and one of them was Dr Yow Yoon Yen from Sunway University. Dr Yow delivered a compelling public talk on “Algae for a Sustainable Future: Applications for Humans” that emphasised the vast applications of algae in sustainable food production, pharmaceutical advancements, and renewable biofuels, paving the way for a greener and healthier world. Following this, Prof Chin Beek Yoke from IMU presented an enlightening talk entitled “Coexisting with Biotechnology: Dangers and Benefits.”


Medical Biotechnology Day 2023 also provided an excellent opportunity for participants to observe the morphological structures of environmental algae, fostering a deeper understanding of its ecological impact and potential for future advancements. With an aim to promote creativity and innovation amongst the participants, the event succeeded in empowering young minds to envision a sustainable future driven by the transformative potential of algae.


As the participants delved into the world of biotechnology and explored the vast applications of algae, the event’s impact extended far beyond the IMU community, leaving an indelible mark on the participants, sponsors, and educators. Medical Biotechnology Day 2023 truly ignited the Algae Revolution, bridging the gap between scientific innovation and environmental sustainability, all while reaffirming the power of collective efforts in shaping a greener and brighter tomorrow.

Organising Comittee

As the advisor for this event, I am immensely grateful and proud to have a team of enthusiastic organising committee comprising the Medical Biotechnology students. Their dedication, unwavering commitment and teamwork resulting in a tremendous successful event that exceeded all expectations. I believed through this event, everyone involved especially participants from secondary schools have broadened their understanding and knowledge in the diverse potential application of algae that benefit to various aspects of our lives such as food, energy, medicine, and environmental sustainability.  I hope this event has not only provided valuable insights and knowledge but has also forged lasting connections among the participants and organising committee. Congratulations to everyone involved! – Advisor, Ts Dr Wong Chiew Yen

As the Chairperson of Medical Biotechnology Day 2023, I am thrilled by the overwhelming response and success of the event. Witnessing the creativity and dedication of participants in the Algae Model Building Competition was truly inspiring. The event effectively highlighted the significance of algae in medical biotechnology and sustainable practices, leaving a lasting impact on the IMU community and beyond. I extend my gratitude to the organising team, sponsors, and participants for their contributions in promoting a greener and healthier future through algae. – President, Emily Wong Yan Yi (MB121)

The success of this event is a testament to the passion, dedication, and tireless efforts of our team. I am honoured to have been part of this journey. Together, we have highlighted the transformative potential of algae and its vital role in shaping a sustainable future. The overwhelming response from schools and participants proves that our message has resonated with young minds, inspiring them to embrace biotechnology and environmental conservation. I congratulate everyone involved in making this event a resounding success, and I look forward to more impactful initiatives in the future. – Vice President, Lee Jia Hong (MB122)

Written by Emily Wong Yan Yi (MB121)

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