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Careers in Psychology

16 Aug 2013

Are you keen on a career which gives you the opportunity to play an active part in furthering your understanding of human interaction; How we think, feel, behave, sense and perceive? If this is what you have always been interested in, consider careers in psychology. Faculty Member using Biofeedback as part of Relaxation Training Psychologists are interested in every aspect of human thought and behaviour which can be applied to promoting good mental health and rational behaviour in individuals and groups. They also administer therapeutic interviews and provide counselling. Psychologists are trained to conduct research and apply findings in order to minimise stress, as well as to reduce behavioural and psychological problems. Conducting psychological tests to identify the source of problems, analysing the results of these tests and determining the right treatment or therapy are also part of what psychologists do. The demand for qualified psychologists currently exists primarily in bigger cities where people who suffer from considerable amount of stress from trying to juggle between work and family demands, are more open and accepting of the practice of psychology. This together with unhealthy coping habits (drinking, smoking, or use of other addictive substances) and poor communication skills puts a severe strain on the family, leading to arguments, fights and affairs, and ultimately to the destruction of the family unit. This situation has resulted in more people recognising that they need help and turning to trained psychologists or counsellors for assistance. These trained psychologists or counsellors will then help them deal with these issues and to more effectively and functionally live within this dynamic world.  A psychologist does not just work with ‘crazy’ people as most people think. Most work is done with regular people who want to further improve their lives, be it in their work, play, or relationships. Psychologists With a basic degree in psychology, you can work in a variety of careers in advertising, human resources, administration, marketing, public relations, consultancy and sales. In order to become a certified psychologist, you will have to first complete your undergraduate degree in psychology followed by a Master’s in one of the specialised fields. Within the field of psychology, there are many unique and exciting specialisations which you can choose to further your studies in, based on suitability to your personality, interests and abilities. These specialisations include clinical psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, forensic psychology, counselling psychology, industrial and organisational psychology, health psychology, social psychology and sport psychology. In order to become a psychologist, you must undergo a formal education / training which will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills. This is one of the programmes offered at the International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and healthcare university founded 21 years ago.

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