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Choosing to be a Nurse: An Inspirational, Promising and Fulfilling Career

24 May 2023

Everyone knows that Nursing has always been an essential part of the healthcare industry all over the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted how critical nurses are in ensuring the well-being of patients. I can attest to the fact that nursing has an incredibly promising and fulfilling career path.


So why have I decided to pursue nursing? Well, it all started when I noticed the importance of having nursing knowledge in everyday life. From illnesses depicted in movies to day-to-day minor injuries at home, knowing the appropriate treatment for these health issues can significantly enhance a person’s well-being, even for seemingly straightforward ailments.


I have always found joy in studying biology throughout my secondary and college years; being able to understand what exactly is going on in a human body and knowing what to do when it goes haywire – that to me, is being enlightened. And then came my interest in managing wounds. It was fascinating to observe various types of wounds, its healing process and even more satisfying when I was able to apply nursing management for patients. The moment of joy and satisfaction to see patients recovering from their illness is undefinable.


When it was time to choose my pathway for tertiary education, I was more than ready to embark on a nursing journey. I had chosen IMU out of many other universities in Malaysia because I liked how the nursing programme is been structured throughout the semesters. Every module is essential, providing a sufficient level of content depth as well as effective teaching and learning techniques. In addition, the expert lecturers are the main choices of my enrolment in IMU Nursing.


My 4 years of nursing degree in IMU were not without ups and downs. Certain modules are challenging; the assessments were never easy as we move up to higher semesters.

The programme helps develop our soft skills in communication, leadership and management, critical thinking and problem solving.  On the other hand, clinical skills taught us to relate theory into practice. We need to understand the rational in performing any action in ensuring safe care for patients.


Towards the end of my journey as a nursing student, I learned to apply compassion. Nursing is no bed of roses; there were times nurses received unpleasant remarks when patients were in pain.  Some of the patients expressed gratitude to me for being able to provide comfort and empathise with their needs.

Nursing is known as a promising career that comes with vast opportunities to specialise in various areas such as paediatrics, emergency and trauma, oncology, critical care, renal and gerontology. Nurses can pursue advanced degrees to become a nurse practitioner, nurse administrator, nurse researcher or nurse educator. Some also had the opportunities to become entrepreneurs in running business related to their own interest areas such as nursing home, elderly home, confinement center or childcare. Beyond the potential for career growth and job security, nursing provides the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others. Nurses are on the front lines of patient care, advocating for their needs and providing comfort and support during the life and death moments.


Nursing also offers a sense of fulfilment that comes from knowing that you are making a difference in the world. It’s a rewarding career path that can be both intellectually and emotionally stimulating, as nurses are constantly learning and adapting to new challenges. I strongly feel that nursing has a promising career path with bright future. I’m very proud of myself for passing the Nursing Board examination and licenced to practice as a nurse.


Written by Ngu Kah Hui (Nursing Graduate, NU118)
Reviewed and edited by Dr Chang Woan Ching (Lecturer/Programme Director (BNU))

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