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IMU Forges New Pathways in Chiropractic Education with Camara Institute of Chiropractic Sciences and Intercare Chiropractic Centre

25 Mar 2024

In a significant move towards global collaboration in healthcare education, the International Medical University (IMU) has established Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with two chiropractic institutions in the Philippines, the Camara Institute for Chiropractic Sciences (CICS) and Intercare Chiropractic Centre. This initiative marks a new chapter in chiropractic education and research, transcending geographical boundaries.

The partnership with CICS aims to revolutionise chiropractic services, focusing on mobility, teaching, learning, and research. This collaboration is set to provide IMU chiropractic students and faculty with unparalleled opportunities, significantly enhancing professional development and industry placements. Such initiatives are aligned with global trends in chiropractic education, emphasizing a holistic approach to healthcare.

Similarly, the alliance with Intercare Chiropractic Centre represents a stride toward enriching educational experiences. It encompasses student and staff exchanges, faculty mobility programmes, clinical attachments, and joint research initiatives. These engagements are designed to foster innovative chiropractic practices and cultivate future leaders in the field, while also facilitating a rich cultural exchange and international networking.

“This collaboration is not just about advancing chiropractic education; it’s about creating a global community of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient care worldwide,” says Dr Martin Camara, Founder of CICS and Director of Clinics of Interncare Chiropractic Centre.

Janice Chan, Director of Centre of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, IMU, adds, “Our commitment to excellence in healthcare education is reinforced through these partnerships. We’re not only educating the next generation of chiropractors but also contributing significantly to the global chiropractic community.”

This initiative stands as a testament to IMU’s dedication to excellence in healthcare education and its vision to expand global partnerships. The collaborations are set to make substantial contributions to the chiropractic community, ensuring that IMU continues to lead in healthcare education innovation.

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