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Combating Malnutrition in Aged Care on Malaysian Dietitians’ Day with IMU N&D Student Association

07 May 2024

Each year, the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA) selects a theme to promote health nationwide through Malaysian Dietitians’ Day (MDD). In September 2023, IMU Nutrition and Dietetics Student Association (INDSA) celebrated MDD, an annual event filled with exciting dietetic related activities for the community. For the 2023 event, our focus homed in on a crucial mission: addressing nutritional challenges facing our elderly citizens.


Under the banner of ‘Dietitians Combating Disease-Related Malnutrition in Aged Care with Medical Nutrition Therapy: Screen, Support, Sustain,’ INDSA formed an organising committee and enlisted 54 student volunteers to create a series of engaging activities. We were delighted to have 292 participants joining us in celebrating this meaningful day.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of MDD 2023 was filled with esteemed guests from the Nutrition & Dietetics (N & D) Department, IMU University’s Senior Management Team and the IMU community. Cheah Kia Ning, the president of MDD 2023, delivered a warm welcome address, followed by speeches from Prof Dr Winnie Chee, the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Academic at IMU, and Dr Yang Wai Yew, the Organising Chairperson of MDD 2023.


The opening ceremony culminated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring honourable guests, including Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Baba, Prof Dr Ian Martin Symonds, Prof Dr Winnie Chee, Prof Dr Anna Ling, Dr Yang Wai Yew, Dr Kanimolli Arasu, and Dr Megan Chong. Following a group photo session, the dignitaries inaugurated the Student-led Dietetics Clinic (SDC) on the Lower Ground Floor of the IMU campus in Bukit Jalil.

Student-led Dietetics Clinic (SDC)

This unique clinic was entirely led by final-year Dietetics students, from planning the layout to offering services, under the guidance of registered dietitians from the faculty. It provides an invaluable platform for experiential learning and community engagement for these students.


“I’ve long pursued a balanced life, where extracurricular pursuits sculpt soft skills beyond textbooks’ confines. With the inauguration of the SDC at IMU coinciding with MDD, we seized a golden opportunity to both absorb and radiate the wisdom of Medical Nutrition Therapy. SDC became a platform where I could refine and shape dietary interventions with clinical precision. I felt that SDC has enriched my learning and practice skills, fuelling my passion for excellence. I believe that SDC will be a beacon, guiding and nurturing the future cohorts of the Dietetics programme to become better dietitians,” says Cheah Kia Ning, the president of MDD 2023 (DN121).

Event Day

On the event day, registered participants received complimentary door gifts and lucky draw tickets. Engaging in activities at designated booths also made them eligible for the lucky draw.


The educational booth offered insights into deciphering nutrition labels, understanding nutrient functions and the Malaysian food pyramid, as well as knowledge about medical nutrition therapy for common elderly conditions like anaemia, malnutrition, and cardiovascular diseases.


Professional booths were also provided, showcasing nutrition assessment tools used by dietitians, providing general nutrition recommendations, giving opportunity to undergo a test on the muscle strength using equipment from Alpro Pharmacy and blood glucose tests by Premier Diagnostic Sdn. Bhd..

Throughout the day, mouthwatering treats from the IMU Nutrition and Dietetic Lab were available at the food booths in IMU Driveway, alongside attractive INDSA merchandise such as lanyards and t-shirts. Sponsors from EcoBrown, Homey Nutrition, and Hyphens Pharma also set up physical booths.


The event’s success was made possible by generous support from IMU Student Services Hub (SSH), IMU Student Representative Council (SRC), and sponsors like Bayer Co. (M) Sdn. Bhd., Yakult (M) Sdn. Bhd., Tong Garden Marketing Sdn. Bhd., YOU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Legosan (M) Sdn. Bhd., Listen Up Sdn. Bhd., Sunflower Organics and Wellness Sdn. Bhd., Alpro Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd., Country Farms Sdn. Bhd., Furious Bootcamp Sdn. Bhd., Homey Food Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Serba Wangi Sdn. Bhd., and Poke Village Enterprise.


To commemorate our success, we held group photo sessions with committee members, dedicated student volunteers, INDSA club advisor Charmaine Lavinia, and co-club advisor Dr Wong Ting Xuan. It was a resounding success, a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our committee members, as well as the overwhelming support from participants, sponsors, honourable guests, and our university.


Witnessing the radiant smiles on the faces of each participant, knowing they thoroughly enjoyed the event, filled us with immense gratitude. We stand ready to provide support for the next organising committee to ensure the continued success of this meaningful event!


Written by Cheah Kia Ning, Dr Wong Ting Xuan & Charmaine Lavinia A/P Alphonso Augustin Ambrose

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