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A Career in Prague for an IMU Pharmacy Alumnus

09 May 2016

Fionna Tan Wan Yee was at a crossroad when she completed her Canadian Pre-University studies at Taylor College in Malaysia. She was contemplating between studying business at Harvard, a designing course (such as interior or industrial) or pharmacy. Since pharmacy had the closest application deadline, her simple rational choice was to apply and wait for a reply from the University. Fionna Needless to say, Fionna was accepted into the pharmacy programme at IMU. She started her studies in pharmacy in 2005 and then transferred to the University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, graduating with an MPharm. She has accumulated a vast working experience both in and outside of Malaysia and is currently working as a Head of Business Support Team at ELC Group SRO., Prague, Czech Republic. 10984303_10152517524901899_8674494082589496856_n Fionna elaborated on her life at both universities. “I had ups and downs at both universities as each has its own set of challenges, and life all in all always has something to it. It just depends how you want to seize life. At both institutions, I had grown and learned in a lot of ways. I think it depends on each individual and what they want to get out of it, as I got more than just a degree. I am grateful that there are passionate faculty members who strive to see their students succeed not only academically but ultimately in life. I have learned a lot of skills that I carry with me through to my work. Interaction that I have had with the people from the University days have helped to shape me to who I am today.” Speaking on the programme at IMU and University of Strathclyde, “The technical knowledge has given me a good edge in understanding my current work. My engagement in non-academic activities during University days have certainly helped me in terms of managing relationships with people and having the concept of focusing what matters and what I’m good at.”

Fionna’s advice to those who are aspiring to be pharmacists is “Don’t just aspire to be a pharmacist as it is only a role or designation that is to be attained out of your career. Rather look beyond the role and be passionate about what you want to do in life. Why constrict or confine yourself to being just a pharmacist?”

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