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Dental Surgery Assistants’ Skills Enhancement Series: Assisting In Endodontics & Prosthodontics

15 Oct 2021

A workshop for Dental Surgery Assistants (DSAs) was held on 3 October 2021 with the aim of enhancing their skills, specifically in the specialities of Endodontics and Prosthodontics. These are the key specialities whose procedures are extensively practiced in patient care in dentistry. The workshop was hosted by International Medical University (IMU), Kuala Lumpur (KL) and was held online for the very first time due to the COVID restrictions.

The aim of the workshop was to:
Prepare dental surgery assistants (DSA’s) to effectively assist in delivery of endodontic and prosthodontic treatments.
Provide DSAs with the basic knowledge on:

  • Endodontic instruments and procedures
  • Prosthodontic instruments and procedures
Provide DSAs an understanding of the workflow in endodontics and prosthodontics

21 DSAs from various private dental offices and universities in KL attended the workshop. The participants were given two highly informative lectures by Dr Shekhar Bhatia and Dr Shivani Kohli on their roles in assisting in common endodontic and prosthodontic procedures respectively. This was followed by highly interactive video demonstration sessions. The speakers also stressed on the importance of DSAs being aware of the latest advances in the specialities the importance of teamwork in patient care in order to be effective assistants.

The workshop concluded with a discussion and feedback session during which the participants showed their appreciation for the new knowledge and skills that they have gained and the fact that these could be used to ultimately improve overall patient care and safety. They also treasured the fact that their learning was ongoing in spite of the pandemic.

Participant’s Feedback
Lee Shean-Woei Pleasant, comfortable, interactive.
Kamila Ismail Excellent
Rozaimah Ramli Overall, it is excellent
Ho Xianyi Well organised and systematically carried out.
Alyssa Ann Tan Great!
Jeevitha A/P Jaya Raman Excellent
Anita Carolina binti Rosli Excellent
Nagadevikandasamy Excellent
Nor Sha Riza binti Kamaruddin Good excellent topic we learn today
Beh Sook Hooi Excellent
Zuraidah binti Aziz I get more information from this course.
Rabiatuladamiah Ismail Clear information from both Dr Shekhar/ Dr Shivani. I get new knowledge on how to help and ease doctors during assisting.
Noor Akhmar binti Shahruddin Very useful knowledge for my daily work. New knowledge especially for microscope.
Siti Safirah binti Jaffri Everything was good and enjoy all the slides and info

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