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Dr Gan Chia Ying Wins Young Alumnus Award: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

13 Dec 2022

Mother, Doctor, Café Owner, Senior Home Manager / Resident Doctor are among the many caps Dr Gan Chia Ying wears every day. While her journey to becoming a doctor was relatively straight forward, the path Dr Gan has been on has been anything but ordinary. A glimpse into her life truly proved how Dr Gan is essentially a true blue go-getter.

Her involvement with her café Eggxtra came about after she left government service and was contemplating on the amount of money she was spending on coffee together with the fact that at that point of time in Melaka, there were hardly any options for coffee enthusiasts to get their fix. With hardly any experience of running a café, Dr Gan jumped right into the business and endured many challenges that came along the way.

While she was completing her gazettement at Hospital Melaka, she noticed the lack of eatery options around and pitched the idea of opening a second café nearby the hospital she was attached to at that time. This was how Eggxcite came to be and has successfully established itself to be a café known for its bubble tea options and healthy meals for its patrons.

Alongside her busy café business, Dr Gan also manages and is the resident doctor at Senior Garden Elderly Care Centre. Currently it is running at full capacity and has recently opened its second branch. Dr Gan passionately shares that her senior home is run with detailed attention to the needs of its resident.

Residents are encouraged to constantly interact with each other and have dedicated activities tailored to keeping them active physically and mentally. Careful attention is also given to the health of its residents, and this is where Dr. Gan excels. The residents of the senior home benefit from her proactive attitude and are constantly monitored and managed to ensure their optimal health.

The year 2023 is set to be an exciting one as she will be launching The Big Tree, a medical center which will provide nursing care. It is set to be a 100- bed center with facilities such as dialysis center, physiotherapy center, traditional Chinese medicine center and its own pharmacy. Dr Gan is currently completing her hospital attachment as she will oversee the dialysis center to ensure best care for her patients. As she tirelessly juggles her many responsibilities in a day, we at IMU are in awe of the many facets to the day’s work in Dr Gan’s life. The epitome of the IMU Young Alumnus Award: Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


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