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Engaging the IMU School of Pharmacy Alumni

24 May 2021

A valuable asset to a university is in having an engaged alumni community. Those who are successful since graduation can act as role models for current students to follow in their footsteps. With this in mind, the IMU School of Pharmacy had participated or organised a number of events involving the alumni.

Alumni Gatherings 

The School, represented by Dean, has attended several alumni gatherings, organised and sponsored by the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) of IMU. The event started in 2016, where the representative of ARO and representatives from respective schools will be visiting several places around the country and also abroad, to meet with alumni in those places. So far, these gatherings have been held at Johor Bahru, Kuching, Georgetown, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. The gathering is organised with the aim of spreading awareness and engage with the alumni. The alumni of the School of Pharmacy now are the largest alumni group from any private school or faculty of pharmacy in Malaysia. They are in all sectors like clinical pharmacists, community pharmacists, regulatory pharmacists, government, in industry like product development pharmacists, formulation pharmacists, QC/QA pharmacists, clinical research pharmacists, and for Pharmaceutical Chemistry alumni, they are in industry related to pharmaceutical production, regulatory, analytical, product development. They are also in the industry related to neutraceutical and chemicals like oleochemical industry and healthcare products industry. A few alumni also are active in research at industry and academia level. Besides connecting and reaching out to the alumni gatherings. many ideas, feedback as well as experiences were shared during the gathering and many alumni praised ARO’s effort in engaging with the alumni, wherever they may be.

Alumni Sharing Sessions

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is also actively engaging with alumni of BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The department regularly invites the alumni of the programme to share their working experience, industry expectations and how to prepare themselves for work readiness with their Pharmaceutical Chemistry juniors. In addition, the Department also engaging alumni in the annual Pharmaceutical Chemistry Week event to give talks to the BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry students, high school students and public.

Name Cohort Company
Natasha Stella PC 216 Oncogen Pharma
Liaw Pu Kang PC 215 Arimino Co Ltd, a Japanese hair care product company
Jason Chuah Chong Ho PC113 Angelfun Sdn Bhd, cosmeceutical and personal care company
Zhang Yu Xin PC113 Q&Z Cosmetics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Nadaraj Paramasevam PC 113 Duopharma Sdn Bhd
Puvaneswari Marappan PC112 Postgraduate, IMU
Khor Fang Jin PC112 Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd
Lam Jun Rong PC111 Perkin Elmer Sdn Bhd
Wayne Chan Wei Xiang PC108 Airport Pharmacy Group

What the Alumni Say Annie Grace Pravena Peter, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumna

I am currently a Quality Control Officer (Executive), DCH Contract Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. My experience and journey at IMU was tremendous. My degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry provided an ideal blend of all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. Besides, IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), United Kingdom.

The faculty has always been really helpful throughout my learning process, who inspired my best efforts and who helped me greatly and provided the needed challenge in each course, but not without the support to succeed. Within the course, I was able to build a strong foundational understanding of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Physical / Inorganic / Organic Chemistry modules providing knowledge which I utilise in the working environment today. The theoretical and practical exposure on both pharmaceutical and chemistry during my degree assisted me to understand my task even better and perform better in the job that I am venturing now under the Quality Control Department for Pharmaceutical Over-The-Counter Products. IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme is also recognised by the Institut Kimia Malaysia (IKM). Right now, I’m preparing myself to register as a Chemist with IKM to be able to contribute more to the industry. Overall, I am proud to be an Alumni of IMU. The curriculum and faculty have shaped my career and the person I am today! Kit-Kay Mak, Pharmaceutical Chemistry alumna

I am Kit-Kay Mak from BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2012 – 15 batch. At present, I am working as a Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, IMU and pursing my PhD in Medicinal Chemistry as my specialisation. With an interest in drug discovery, I have chosen this programme. It is a blend of chemistry and other disciplines such as formulation science, pharmacology, biotechnology, engineering, etc.

The overall curriculum boosted my interest, the lectures and practical sessions instilled new knowledge while other Teaching & Learning activities (presentations, industry visits, project works and internship) sharpened my professional competencies. I was offered a job as a formulation scientist in Brenntag Sdn. Bhd, a multinational company (producing personal and home care products) immediately after my internship. I was also offered a research assistant position in a Government sponsored research project after my graduation. The training I received during my BSc enabled me to grasp new techniques quickly, thus I registered for MSc and graduated in the year 2018. After my MSc, I was offered a job in IMU.

My training in BSc allowed me the opportunity to accomplish the following:
1. 16 research publications with impact factor of 52.8 and H-index of 6
2. Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screening (AIMS) awards from Atomwise, USA
3. Top 3 in the International Scientific Challenge by BioSolveIT, Germany
4. Trainee in Drug Discovery at Wellcome Centre for Anti-infectives Research (WCAIR), UK

Overall, I am proud of being the Alumna of this programme as it made me to realise my career aspirations.

Natasha Tibon, Pharmaceutical Chemistry alumna

Choosing Pharmaceutical Chemistry as my Degree is a no brainer for me. I was always curious about medicines and how it works, and I have always wanted to become a scientist since young. When the opportunity arises, without hesitating I chose to pursue a Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree at IMU. And since then I have yet to regret my decision.

I did my 4-month internship training at the Analytical Department of Novugen Pharma (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and now I am working at Novugen Pharma (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as a R&D Analytical Scientist for more than a year, I can confidently say Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree had equipped me with all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in my career. During my initial days of employment, I can adapt and execute my job well with minimal issues as I was trained and knowledgeable in the basics of pharmaceutics and analytical chemistry through countless lectures, workshops, and lab practical. Pharm Chem had also taught me the skills of critical thinking and creative problem-solving which are very critical to my work in research. Not only that, the ability to communicate accurately and effectively with my colleagues and superiors was also nurtured in me during my study through numerous presentations, discussion, and forums. I believe that Pharmaceutical Chemistry as a whole aims to not only produce exemplary graduates in terms of skills and knowledge, but to nurture a generation of graduates that are industry-relevant, adaptive and versatile in any chemistry or pharmaceutical industries. Not one to toot my own horn, but I am proud to identify as one of these Pharmaceutical Chemistry Graduates!

Stanwin Zhang, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus

I am Head of Research and Development of Q & Z Cosmetics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. As a student from Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree programme, I am well-equipped to face different challenges in the skincare industry. Whether soft skills, in-depth knowledge (chemical interactions, theories of lab instruments, microbiology, formulation, etc.), practical skills, or communications, I have experienced them in different stages of my degree.

There are many memorable people and events in IMU, so I always have the initiative to participate in different events in IMU. Our lecturers are very friendly and considerate to students even after our graduation. The courses in Phamaceutical Chemistry are very diverse. They include varieties of professional knowledge in different fields to prepare us to work in various aspects without lagging. It was an incredible and memorable experience during my degree. Join this Big Family of Pharmaceutical Chemistry!

Eric, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus

I had my industrial training at Oncogen Pharma. Fortunately, I am currently also working in Oncogen Pharma as a Formulation Executive in Formulation Development Department. I am responsible to develop the formulation of a generic product from the innovator by maintaining or improving the quality and therapeutic effects. Research and development were conducted by producing different batches of a product for analytical test to determine the generic formulation. My main activities are executing batches of a product to obtain analytical results similar to the innovator. I have experienced producing tablets or capsules from raw materials by going through all manufacturing processes. Basic knowledge to the machine allows me to operate machines alone after some practises. It also allows me to interpret, analyse and solve the problems while activities on going. Other than lab work, documentation is also part of the role of a formulation executive such as daily calibration reports, instrument logbook, laboratory notebook and documents for regulatory affairs. Oncogen Pharma, as a generic pharmaceutical which working on oncology medicine, has provided good learning opportunities and environment to introduce a fresh graduate into the pharmaceutical industries. I am very lucky to have this opportunities to start and build my career by gaining experiences and knowledge in Oncogen Pharma. I am very grateful to IMU by giving wonderful education and opportunities to expose and build foundation for the pharmaceutical industries.

Some of IMU School of Pharmacy Award Winning Alumni MPS-Duopharma Biotech Gold Medal Award

The MPS-Duopharma Biotech Gold Medal Award is presented annually to the Best Pharmacy Student in the Graduating Class for each university. The award consists of a Medal, a cash prize of RM 500.00 and a certificate. The winning graduate, who must be a member of MPS, will be invited to the Annual Dinner to personally receive this award together with the winners from the other Universities. The recipients of MPS-Duopharma Biotech Gold Medal Award from the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) programme in International Medical University are:

Graduating Year Winner
2019 Lee Yin Ying (BP116)
2018 Foong Keng Wah (BP115) Lim Ee Jun (BP215)

*Only the recent three graduated cohorts are shown.

IKM Graduate Chemistry Awards

The IMU BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is recognised by Institut Kimia (IKM). Graduates are eligible to register with IKM to become a Registered Chemist with the title of ChM.  Annually, the IMU  BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduates are invited for the IKM Graduate Chemistry Awards nominations. The recipients are selected based on Best performance in Chemistry final year examination in any branch of chemistry discipline.

Graduating Year Winner
2020 Wong Xi Khai
2019 Kiew Wei Qi
2018 Eddy Yi Chung Ann
2017 Cheng Miaw Chin
2015 Hovah Marie Emilia Leiticia
2014 Chong Ming Kang

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