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An IMU Biomedical Science Student Shares Her Experience Adjusting to University Life

24 May 2021

I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my experience. My name is Azlina Abdul Salam, and this is a reflection on my journey as an IMU Biomedical Science student. Like many other children, I told my parents that I wanted to be a doctor in the future. In the process of searching for a good medical school to enrol myself in after my A-levels, my cousin introduced me to IMU as one of Malaysia’s best medical universities. I was eager to join their community and as a result, I visited an education fair to obtain some guidance for my undergraduate studies. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the Biomedical Science programme instead of medicine after the consultation. Therefore, I decided to pursue this programme for my higher education. On the first day of orientation at IMU, I recall feeling isolated and terrified because everything was new to me. The seniors and lecturers, on the other hand, were very helpful in assisting me throughout the orientation week. I have always been intrigued by the discipline of the students here because of their management skills, and the education system at the University is cutting-edge.

Since I am a rather slow learner, I normally read and write the lecture notes during my self-study time. I struggled badly at the outset of the semester to grasp the lectures, and completion of tasks was incredibly difficult for me. I did not have any friends at first, but my classmates were all very kind in helping me to get through the classes and lab sessions.

I also had poor time management skills and became stressed trying to cope with my studies. Nonetheless, my mentor gave me the best advice on how to manage my priorities and taught me successful revision strategies. The recommendations and guidance were immensely helpful in encouraging me to improve my grades.

Initially, I struggled to adjust to the life of the university because I am a long way from home. I finally adjusted to the environment and am now truly enjoying my life as a student. IMU has a vibrant culture, which I came to realise more about as I began participating in sports and club events. I made more international friends, and I can now proudly claim that I am surrounded by beautiful people in this place. I would like to express my gratitude to my family, teachers, and friends for their unwavering love and support that have led me here today. ‘When you’re about to give up, just think how amazing you’ll look in a white coat.’ I hereby wish all students the best in your upcoming endeavours.

Written by Azlina Abdul Salam (BM119)

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