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Faid Z Khopekar’s Journey: From Mumbai, India to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

17 Oct 2019

Imagine yourself as a young student who has decided to embark on a journey to pursue your passion – Medicine. A journey that brings you uncertainty and ambiguity. A journey that takes you to a foreign land. Far away from comfort and surety. Imagine what would have been running in your mind from the moment you courageously decided on this path. Well, few of the common thoughts or questions that would cross your mind would be: I hope people there are nice and welcoming. Do you think the weather there is the same as Mumbai? Oh gosh! It’s so far from home. I wonder how’s the food there, hope not to get food poisoning. Would I be able to communicate clearly and not be confused? What if I get lost in the city? Let’s hope I am able to make some friends. For Faid Z Khopekar who had embarked on such a journey, the similarity between Malaysia and Mumbai are the people. Faid felt so comfortable and loved here in Malaysia. He even had a cultural shock on how welcomed he felt during his orientation. Also not forgetting the food. Malaysia is a haven for foodie with an added advantage of variation in its delicacies. Needless to say, Faid survived. Malaysia was more than a second home for him. At that moment, he knew he would be fine. An IMU medical alumni relates his journey towards achieving his dream of becoming a doctor. His best memories in Malaysia was made while studying at IMU. Some of which taught him valuable lessons and made him the man he is today. His journey in IMU showed him more clarity that he needed as a medical student. He mentioned that it crafted him into becoming a better doctor as he is more hands on. During his time at the University, Faid achieved well-deserving results in Semester Two of his medical degree and this achievement had resulted in him being slightly laid back after that semester. The turning point in Faid’s journey in Malaysia happened in Semester Three. He became overconfident, rather than studying, he was got away by just doing notes, unlike his other classmates. After completing the exams, he knew he didn’t do well but he least expected to fail the semester. Reality hit him hard and it took him almost a day or two to get back on his feet. Most of his friends were surprised of his failure yet they supported him unconditionally. Faid remembers the lecturers who taught him at IMU and recalls fondly of a few lecturers, namely Prof Vishna and Dr Vijay who were so passionate about what they do, providing various creative methods in getting the message across. To date, the diagrams that Dr Vijay taught are still stuck in his mind. During his time at IMU, Faid was an active member in the IMU Debate Club and many other clubs as well. He made his first few friends from these clubs. It is the skills that he picked up from these clubs that he is so grateful for. Skills such as managing people, organising and learning how to handle conflict. He lent a helping hand anywhere and everywhere he possibly could. Feeling connected with the institution, he represented IMU wherever he could. For Faid, it is the journey that counts and not the duration. He is very grateful for everything that he had to endure in making his parents proud. He takes his profession seriously and passionately.

Prior to becoming a doctor, Faid was a social butterfly. However, he knew he had a higher purpose. His higher purpose is to be the best version of a doctor he can ever be in this lifetime. If this means that he will have to make some sacrifices, he is all game for it.

“We are trained to be a doctor and it will always be a lifelong journey. Sacrificing social life, disappointing few people, these things will happen especially when you are passionate about what you do. Do it as long as you are happy doing it”.

We would like to thank our IMU Medical Alumni, Faid, for sharing his journey with us.

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