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Freaky Costumes Plus Hot Music – Memorable IMU Fright Fest 2012

02 Nov 2012

IMU Fright Fest 2012 marked one of IMU’s most exciting happenings. A total of 170 tickets were sold for the night. As students flooded the campus dressed in everything from slinkies to superheroes, from ballerina to zombies, here’s what happened at the event:


The highlight of every IMU Fright Fest is the Haunted House and for this year it was largely based on the theme, ‘Nuclear Hazard’. The performances were also Halloween-themed, such as Thriller Dance and a band singing the Phantom of the Opera’s theme. The popular DJ K2 attracted the crowd with his beats and had everyone on their feet. DJ K2 has been a guest DJ at some well known clubs in Kuala Lumpur such as Black Magic KL and Mist Bangsar. To top that, he was also the headliner DJ alongside Dutch Pioneer DJ Marco T at the recent Binjai Sexology Party 2012. Ramesh Thangatorai, the president of the Fright Fest 2012 said, “The Halloween party is getting better and nothing out of control has happened. Everyone is just having a great time. Not to mention I love all the creative costumes”, he said with a laugh. A number of creative costumes surfaced Friday night including an elaborate home-made vampire costume, a Little Red Riding Hood and James Bond. A couple of witches, Batman, and a dinosaur, also roamed the IMU chancellor hall. There was a best dressed award on that night and two of the winners were Bindhu Ramalingam who dressed up as a pregnant zombie bride and Brenda Ong who wore a dinosaur costume. “For this year’s Fright Fest nearly all students who came were all dressed up, and they put in a lot of effort for the costumes, thus making the event unique compared to previous events”, said Zhi Ling, one of the publicity committee member.

“We had a really great show, and I’m glad we had such an incredible turnout,” said Shobana Murugiah, a Psychology student who wore a vampire costume. The spirit of Halloween this year was alive and there was a huge turnout and favourable comments by those who participated.

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