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Gaining Experience and Valuable Knowledge at Snakebite Envenoming Management (SEM) Workshop

07 Feb 2019

The First Snakebite Envenoming Management (SEM) Workshop organised by the Remote Envenomation Consultation Services (RECS) along with the Emergency & Trauma Department of Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar (HTJ) Seremban was held on 25 September 2018. The event was the first SEM workshop held in Negeri Sembilan that aims to increase the knowledge and competency of healthcare providers in managing snakebite envenoming as well as providing first aid and initial management. Knowledge and experience in managing snakebite are important determinants in reducing mortality and morbidity.

Four enthusiastic and brave IMU medical students with their Emergency Medicine Lecturer attended the workshop.
Dr Rosdara Masayuni (IMU Emergency Medicine Lecturer)
Michael Lim Yang Song (IMU Semester 6 Medical Student)
Foo Chuan Yi  (IMU Semester 6 Medical Student)
Kor Win Sheng  (IMU Semester 6 Medical Student)
Muhammad Mujibuddin Hassan  (IMU Semester 6 Medical Student)

Dr Azhana's talk at the Snakebite Envenoming Management Workshop attended by IMU students and their lecturerAnti-venom demonstration at a workshop attended by IMU students and their lecturer Many informative talks were given throughout the day, the first by Dr Ahmad Khaldun Ismail, a Consultant Emergency Physician from Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPUKM). His interesting talk was about different species of snakes, and how to recognise them based on their shapes, sizes, colours, and band shapes as these recognitions will be helpful for management planning. Their subspecies and their nature, colour, and behaviour are unique from each other. Elapids species like kraits, coral snake and sea snake cause neurotoxin where patient’s presentation mainly involves numbness and paralysis. As for vipers, these species contain hemotoxin that leads to coagulopathy.

This talk was followed by a series of demonstration with different kind of snakes as he guides the participants on the techniques of recognition of snakes that he brought on the stage which includes a King Cobra, the most venomous snake! It was indeed a memorable moment with Dr Ahmad Khaldun.

Dr Azhana Hassan, a Consultant Emergency Physician at Emergency Department  of HTJ, delivered a talk regarding statistics of snake bite cases in Negeri Sembilan. As the data presented showed alarming results, the audience are more aware on the importance of First Aid as well as the indication of an Anti-Venom and its administration to victims of snake bite. The Vice President of RECS, Dr Zainalabidin delivered an interesting talk about the complications of venom and he showed examples of eye injuries sustained by a snake bite victim. His session of demonstration is in the steps of assessing “Rate of Proximal Progression (RPP)” in edematous limb – as one of the important clinical assessment where a positive result of RPP is an urgent indicator for initiating Antivenom for snake bite victims. This workshop benefited the students as it was an eye opener to the need of prior knowledge on common species of snake and types of envenomation which may assist on initial first aid and subsequent treatment for victims of snake bite. The opportunity to join this workshop was fruitful as they gained a lot of experience and valuable knowledge in this interesting workshop.

Written by Dr Rosdara Masayuni Binti Mohd Sani, Emergency Physician and Lecturer (IMU)

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