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Guardian of The Garden Phase 2: An Eco Gardening Event

27 Apr 2017

Introduction When IMU Eco Friends Club started the first gardening event, its members are already prepared to shoulder the responsibility of having to tend to the garden in the future. This is because we fully understand that it does not end after the plants are planted. The garden needed constant up-keeping as well as our commitment. Hence, a second gardening event was organised a few months after the first gardening event. Pre-visit to PPOC Home (10/11/2016) In order to examine the condition of the garden at PPOC home Petaling Jaya, all 6 of the sub-committee members of this event took the initiative to visit the home. On that day, we arrived at the home around 9 in the morning and were shown the way to the garden by the lady in charge. Upon reaching the garden, it was comforting to see that the staff have taken good care of the garden and that it was thriving. The names of the plants were even carefully labelled on small pieces of wooden white boards. We began examining the plants and we realised that all but one (pokok kunyit) showed signs of growth and that maintenance would be manageable among the 6 of us, even without recruiting any volunteers. After doing some de-weeding, we ended the pre-visit session around 11 am. Visit to PPOC Home (21/1/2017) On this bright and sunny day, equipped with gloves and all the necessary tools, we arrived at the PPOC Home at 9 in the morning! Even though we are only a small army of 3, our efficiency was still high and we were able to complete the mission, ending the visit around 10.30 in the morning! The mission of the day was to unroot the plants that were not growing and replace them with spinach and chilli seeds that were brought by one of the sub-committee members from her uncle’s garden. We were informed that there were 2 plants in particular that did not show any signs of growth. We quickly set to loosen the soil and de-weed the land where we wanted to plant the new plants. Fortunately for us, the land was fairly loose due to the light shower just before we arrived. Replantation was done in a nifty and we decided to take things further. Since we also brought extra plants like sweet potato leaves and papaya, we decided to fully utilise the empty spaces in the garden! The entire gardening process was done carefully and the seedlings were handled delicately to avoid damaging the roots. The event ended in a light note with all of us cleaning up the tools we borrowed from Eco Friends Club. We were especially proud to say that not a single penny was spent for this event! We were also able to conclude that this event, though small, was a success. Not only were we able to contribute to the sustainment of the garden, we were also able to relax and enjoy ourselves in the process. It was time well spent as we, coming from different cohorts, had a chance to work together in a project and to bond as well. Read more about the first phase of this event at  An Eco Gardening Event: Guardian of The Garden

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