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I Graduated from IMU with an Epiphany

27 Oct 2023

My Experience being an IMU Student

Finally, the time had come when I could officially call myself an IMU graduate. Four years of my Dietetics with Nutrition degree were certainly challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Along the way, I experienced both highs and lows.


I was part of the pandemic cohort in 2020, which was the pioneer batch to experience IMU’s online learning. Throughout my degree, I filled my time with extracurricular activities aside from focusing on my academics. I had also completed my comprehensive research thesis. All of these were like episodes to a whole Netflix series as I navigated my way into experiencing life as a health science student.

The year that really tested me was during the dietetics practicum phase. The two main things I learned from it – persistence and adaptability. Engaging in many hands-on activities in different dietetic settings allowed me to apply my knowledge and skills to practice. These real-life working experiences were definitely full of challenges, yet I persisted on.


Due to the practicum requirement of alternating placement sites, I had the opportunity to explore and experience various settings, which made me adaptable to thrive in dynamic environments. At the same time, I dealt with diverse stakeholders and met a lot of new people, which further honed my communication skills.

I also gained valuable interpersonal and leadership skills from these experiences, which made me stronger and shaped me into the person I am today. Regardless, the practicum was eye-opening for me to reassess my personal and professional goals.

What I am doing now

I sincerely appreciate all my degree experiences, yet it occurred to me that I no longer find the spark in what I do. The experiences in my final year made me realize what I truly want to be; they motivated me like no other.


After much deep and thorough contemplation of my personal and professional values, I decided to take the leap of faith and change the trajectory of what I want to pursue in life. With a positive mind and attitude, I chose to leave something familiar and pursue something totally foreign.


I believe I can leverage the many skills gained throughout my degree to excel in my next professional endeavour. Now, I am transitioning careers to become a UI/UX Designer in pursuit of my genuine passion for design. I am navigating my journey in an entirely new field.

What are my plans for the future?

I aspire to be an established UI/UX Designer. Hence, I am actively pursuing a new career path in the digital tech industry to follow my genuine passion for design.

Advice to future students

The Book of Life never has a linear storyline, it is always full of wonders. Challenges will come your way and you might find yourselves realising what you truly want. Take them as opportunities to grow and glow!


Written by Jade Marie Robert Jomiji, winner of the The Tun Zahir Merit Award given to a graduating student who has shown outstanding academic excellence in his/her graduating cohort.


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