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IMU Chinese Medicine Week 2018: Raising Awareness on Chinese Medicine

15 Dec 2018

29 October to 31 October – IMU’s Chinese Medicine Department organised the annual Chinese Medicine Week at the atrium of the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil. The aim of this event is to promote the awareness of Chinese Medicine and to strengthen inter-batch relationships among the students of IMU Chinese Medicine programme. The theme for this year’s Chinese Medicine Week is ‘The Compass of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practice’, with the idea of TCM being a timeless bridge that can initiate and support change as well as growth in every dimension, while educating us on how to live a balanced life with wellness and harmony. Multiple booths were set up during the event, including food and beverage, diagnosis and games booths. The food and beverage booth sold a variety of food and drinks. Herbal eggs, Herbal Chicken Soup, Chic Kut Teh, Herbal Jelly, Osmanthus Jelly and Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) Tea are examples of the delicacies sold. The diagnosis booth played an important role in providing a superficial diagnosis for those with health issues and to those who were healthy but were seeking ways to elevate wellness. Professional advice was given according to the diagnosis of the individuals; as different individuals have different needs due to the different body constitutions. Moreover, individuals also had exposure to the names and looks of several Chinese Medicine herbs through the games at the games booth. Coupons were awarded to individuals who managed to complete these games. At the 3-day event, there were also head and shoulder Tuina massage, cupping and ear acupressure services provided. Both the public and the IMU community benefited from these services and had their discomforts relieved. The event also successfully introduced various treatments of Chinese Medicine for first-timers who have yet to try any of the therapies of Chinese Medicine. Exhibition boards with fascinating information about Chinese Medicine were placed at the atrium to broaden individual knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, throughout the 3-day event, demonstrations on cupping, moxibustion and skin scraping (GuaSha) were conducted. On the second day of the Chinese Medicine Week, students of IMU Chinese Medicine performed Level Arm Swinging Exercise (Ping Shuai Gong), a simple QiGong exercise that aids body healing by enhancing the flow of energy (Qi) within the body. Furthermore, there were many firsts that was achieved during this year’s Chinese Medicine Week. For the first time, the event had a grand opening ceremony and for the opening ceremony, we invited IMU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, Prof Peter Pook to join us and give a speech. On top of that, this is the first year that event tickets along with keychains were introduced for this event. All in all, Chinese Medicine Week 2018 was a great success and we are utterly grateful for those who came over to support the event. Positive feedback were received, and we are extremely delighted to hear them. We hope that all those who attended this event has benefited from it.

Written by Hung Yue Wah and reviewed by Dr Chep Lee

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