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Insightful Course on Molar Endodontics

16 Dec 2018

9-11 November 2018 – IMU School of Dentistry and the University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning (ICL) organised a short endodontics course entitled ‘Demystifying Molar Endodontics’ at IMU’s campus in Bukit Jalil. Supported by Dentsply Sirona and Zeiss, this course included three days of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on workshops on extracted teeth highlighting the benefits of illumination/magnification using operating microscopes, ultrasonics, advanced rotary canal preparation, newer irrigation devices, thermoplasticised obturation techniques/systems, factors influencing the choice of material, design of restorations for root-filled teeth, latest bulkfil material to achieve predictable coronal seal, management of difficult root canals and badly broken down teeth. Its focus was on a systematic clinical diagnostic and treatment protocol in the endodontic management of molar teeth with minimal to moderate difficulty. Designed for dental practitioners who wish to perform molar endodontics with higher confidence and predictable clinical outcome, the course attracted participants who are private clinicians, IMU alumni working in Singapore and practitioners from government clinics. Every participant was provided a personal operative microscope, rotary files and obturation system to use during the entire course with Dr Abhishek Parolia, Dr Shekhar Bhatia and Prof Seow Liang Lin being the facilitators for this course. Participants were extremely satisfied with the conduct of the course and felt confident in doing molar endodontics.

Comments by Participants on the Workshop
Great 3-day workshop! It has increased my confidence in actually doing molar endo. Well-delivered course! Well done! Would appreciate if we get handouts/ slides too!
Extremely helpful and pertinent to my daily practice.
Very excellent hands-on course! Very practical tips! Wish to have more time to do more hands-on! Learned a lot from this course.
Can play some music so the environment is a bit more lively. Otherwise everything was great! Really learned a lot from this workshop. Very useful! Good balance of lecture, demo and hands-on.
Very well organised workshop.
A well-organised course. Very articulate and clear lecture.
Very good and effective.

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