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IMU Chiropractic Students on a Mission to Help Filipinos

10 Sep 2015

9 – 22 August 2015 – Nine final year Chiropractic students participated in the 2015 International Clinical Externship Programme held in Manila, Philippines. The programme was organised by Intercare Chiropractic Inc. in partnership with two universities; International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia and RMIT University, Australia. The core purpose behind this programme was to deliver chiropractic care for people who otherwise have no access to it. Chiro 1 Participants were engaged in providing free chiropractic evaluation and treatment to local communities with missions held daily at various locations around Manila. They provided treatment to people from different walks of life; from farmers, government servants, school children, pregnant women, national athletes, handicapped children to Paralympic athletes. The experience the IMU chiropractic students obtained via this mission trip was absolutely amazing and life changing. It provided them the chance to deal with interesting cases such as stroke, cerebral palsy, and several other conditions that were rarely encountered in typical clinical practices. Besides sharpening their clinical skills and enhancement of clinical experience, the students were also trained to adapt to different working environments and learned to communicate with people of different languages and cultural background.

Witnessing the joy and gratitude of people who felt better after one mere session of treatment is fulfilling beyond words.

Chiro4Chiro 2 Many Filipinos suffer their whole lives from terrible musculoskeletal problems and bear with pain as they have no access to proper healthcare services. This programme enabled the chiropractic students to treat about 1300 people over the course of two weeks. However, with a population exceeding 100 million, a lot more has to be done. As a group, these chiropractic students would strongly urge and encourage future final year Chiropractic students to participate in this programme.

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