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IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumna’s Journey to a MBA in France

04 Dec 2018

I started studying for my degree in Medical Biotechnology at the International Medical University (IMU) in 2014. Although the learning process in IMU was hectic and tough; thanks to the support, guidance and diligence of IMU lecturers, programme coordinators and mentor, I had finally succeeded in obtaining my degree. They guided me closely by constantly monitoring my progress and lifted me up when necessary. Besides, IMU helped me to improve my time management skills as well. After my graduation from IMU with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology, I received a job offer as Product Executive at Medicom, a medical equipment and disposable product manufacturer. While working at this company, I was given the opportunity to visit Operation Theatres, Intensive Care Departments and Central Sterile Service Departments from private to government hospitals in order to propose products for their essential practice for Hospital-Acquired Infections (nosocomial infection). Thus, I worked closely with Infection Control Departments of the hospitals. My key task was to ensure that they use well-controlled standardisation of the medical devices and protection for every department that might have the potential to be exposed hospital-acquired infections. Besides that, I had to give infection control presentations about their daily hygiene practice according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guide to hospital workers in their weekly training. After a period of time working at this company, even if I acquired strong technical knowledge at IMU, I realised more skills in product management is required to be able to evolve in my career and reach my professional objectives. That is why, I decided to enrol myself in a masters in management so that I am able to carry the products better.

Fortunately, my partner got a job offer to work in Paris, France. Thus, studying in France became one of my options. I did a lot of research about studying in France and noticed that studying in French Public University is very affordable which includes free healthcare services and the quality of their researchers is recognised worldwide. Hence, without hesitating, I applied for the Masters in Management programme in several universities and got accepted into Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC) in Paris, France. I am currently an International MBA student at this University. This is a 2-year programme that is fully conducted in English and it is opened to all nationalities. This programme is limited to 25 students per batch and with maximum of 2 students from each nationality (included French students). In this programme, we work mainly on recent case studies related to companies around the world on financial, economical, legal, marketing and social perspectives. Students came from different degree backgrounds and professors are doing research on international business issues, giving us the students a very enriching education. We are also given the opportunity to learn from each other and be open minded on the current issues that are happening worldwide and also in our different nations. From a medical biotechnology background to MBA is a total switch of studies for me; but, I am sure that with my double certification, technically thanks to IMU and in management with UPEC, I will be able to involve myself in global healthcare management. As a result of the time management skills which I gained at IMU, I managed to organise my time accordingly while involving myself with part-time work and organisations such as being Exco Member of the Malaysian Association in France. In addition to my experience, I am convinced that this programme has shaped me to be a better person than before, academically and professionally. Written by: Maple Phua Hong Yueh (MB1/14) Photo credits: Maple Phua Hong Yueh (MB1/14)

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