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IMU Dance Club performed for Pacesetters’ Annual Dinner

04 Jun 2014

12 Apr 2014 – 20 students from the International Medical University (IMU) Dance Club performed for the Pacesetters’ Annual Dinner. Held in Royal Selangor Club, the dinner was themed “Jungle”. Following this theme, the students from the IMU Dance Club prepared three performances accordingly.

Group Photo (800x562)

First up was a flash mob to begin the proceedings. Disguised in waiter outfits (which were so identical to the actual club outfits that some staff were left confused at the sight of these extra “waiters”), the team surprised the audience, launching into the dance when the first strands of “The Fox” played over the PA system. With a small skit incorporated into the dance, the audience were left entertained and it started the evening off well. Next up was a tribal dance set to a remix of the iconic track “Circle of Life”. Prior to the performance, the dinner featured an “emcee” dressed up as Tarzan, King of the Jungle. Not to be outdone, the tribal dance team were decked out in full tribal garment, right down to face and body paint. The energetic performance certainly liven up the atmosphere and energy in the hall.

Tribal Dance (1) (800x417)

Tribal Dance (2) (800x402)

The last performance was a hip hop performance. Not straying from the theme, the music used was “Animals”. With a hard-hitting performance featuring clever usage of formations, this was a piece that the audience enjoyed no less than the earlier ones.

Hip Hop (2) (800x548)Hip Hop (1) (800x473)

To wrap up the night, the entire dance team spontaneously presented their flash mob piece once again, to the delight of those who were unable to witness it the first time round. With that, the dance team’s efforts over the past months culminated in a joyous moment shared with everyone present in the hall. Flash Mob (2) (800x428)The audience truly enjoyed the performances during the night, and the night was a proud moment for IMU Dance Club. Pacesetters Athletic Club is a running club that has assisted IMU with organising and planning our annual charity run. Look out for the IMU dance team as they reprise their tribal and hip hop pieces for this year’s Chariofare, to be held on 20 September 2014.


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