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Pledge of Professionalism by IMU’s Graduating Pharmacy Students

18 Jun 2015

OTC-22Apr2015 (28)

22 April 2015 – It was four years ago when International Medical University‘s students of cohort BP1/11 took the Pledge of Professionalism at a White Coat Ceremony to begin their journey as pharmacy students. Today, the same students renewed their ‘Oath of a Pharmacist’ pledge at the Pharmacy Professional Day held at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil to mark a new transition from a pharmacy student to a pharmacist trainee.

The purpose of this ceremony is to remind students to devote themselves to provide service to the society, to draw upon their innovative, imagination and insight to contribute effectively as a pharmacist and as a member of the healthcare team. OTC-22Apr2015 (73) Since the launch of the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme in 2004, IMU has adopted the concept of instilling professionalism through the Pledge of Professionalism at the White Coat Ceremony to embrace and develop professional values and attributes among the pharmacy students. Throughout their studies, students are exposed to various aspects of professionalism inside and outside the classroom. At the completion of the pharmacy degree, their commitment towards their chosen career and profession is renewed through the pledge of the Oath of a Pharmacist. OTC-22Apr2015 (37)OTC-22Apr2015 (42)OTC-22Apr2015 (5)  

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