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IMU Foundation in Science Students Conducted Environmental Awareness Recycling Project

09 Jan 2015

The second cohort of International Medical University (IMU) Foundation in Science students recently carried out an environmental awareness recycling project for their Cross Boundary Studies module. This module teaches the students creative problem solving skills, a soft skill which is necessary and crucial for 21st century teenagers, teaching them the ability to think on their feet and to be able to solve problems independently and as a team. 20141031_164757The 96 Foundation in Science students were given a theme of environmental awareness. Using their creative problem solving skills which include idea finding, problem finding and solution finding, these students came up with the idea of carrying out a recycling activity to raise environmental awareness. Ideas that these students came up with was to collect recyclable materials include enlisting the help of the Environmental Clubs of various secondary schools, collecting from homes in the residential areas in the vicinity of IMU as well as from IMU staff and students. With as much as 1.5 tonnes of recyclable materials collected, these students had to find ways to sell these things. The sale of this 1.5 tonnes of materials amounted to RM462.00. This amount was used to purchase household items, donated to Pusat Perjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat Taman Megah. All in all, this project has taught the students multidisciplinary issues, from event organising, planning, communication skills and most importantly teamwork.

Kudos to these Foundation in Science students!


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