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Supporting Students Through Scholarships

16 Mar 2020

IMU recognises that the cost of an education in healthcare today can place large pressures on households. In this respect the University is proud to support those who show outstanding academic results through the provision of scholarships and bursaries at Foundation in Science, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. These scholarships and bursaries are a vital means of helping outstanding young Malaysians to achieve their dreams and eventually to contribute back to society as conscientious and dedicated members of the Malaysian healthcare profession. Foundation in Science scholarships of up to RM12,450 deducted over three semesters are available to top-scorers entering the Foundation in Science programme; and for those who successfully complete the programme and progress to any IMU undergraduate programme, a further bursary of 50 percent of the Foundation in Science fee may be deducted from the undergraduate tuition fee.


Since 2017 to date (2020), a total of RM18.8 mil bursaries have helped 1,365 students.

At the undergraduate level, full (100 percent of fees) and partial (50 percent of fees) scholarships are available to Malaysian students applying for local degrees who demonstrate outstanding academic excellence, extra-curricular participation and leadership qualities; and a bursary of RM16,000 is available to eligible students in the Nursing programme. Besides these, there is also the Pantai-Gleneagles Scholarship for undergraduates enrolling into the Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery or Bachelor of Nursing programmes. Launched in 2019, the Scholarship is open to Malaysian students from B40 and M40 households (i.e. households with incomes of up to RM3,000 and RM6,275 per month respectively). The Pantai-Gleneagles sponsors tuition fees for successful candidates while IMU provides accommodation support.


IMU has disbursed almost RM32 million in scholarships to 187 recipients since 2002.

Meanwhile, for Malaysian postgraduate students, alumni bursaries are available for eligible self-funding students (who are graduates of IMU) covering up to 25 percent and 15 percent of fees respectively for two different groups of postgraduate degrees, while international students may seek bursaries of up to RM12,000 for taught postgraduate programmes.



Nadia Rashid (Medicine)
“I remember the day I received the news that I had been awarded an IMU Scholarship in Medicine. It was on my mother’s birthday. When I showed her the email, I vividly remember her saying that it was the best birthday present that she ever had. As a daughter, I want nothing more than to see my parents’ happiness and smiles, so I’m forever grateful to IMU for giving me the chance to do that.” “I chose IMU because I always wanted to study in a diverse community. As a future doctor, I would have to care for patients who come from all walks of life, so being able to interact with those of different cultures and backgrounds was important to me. I also wanted a lot of clinical exposure, and I was drawn to the IMU curriculum (especially the Senior Clerkship) and its vision. Getting the scholarship not only relieved the financial burden on my family but studying at IMU also had helped build my personal growth. I made friends from all over the world, and had the chance to learn from the best. “My clinical mentor, Prof Dato’ Dr P. Kandasami, always emphasised the importance of having a good portfolio and a clear goal. My dream is to be a surgeon one day and I’m well aware that it is a long, arduous and competitive journey. So, currently, while waiting for my housemanship, I am conducting my own research with two batchmates under Prof Dato’ Dr Kandasami’s guidance at Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban. I am also working as a Research Assistant in the National Institute of Health at Hospital Selayang.”
Foong Keng Wah (Pharmacy)
“I thought I knew everything about what a pharmacist does but I was so wrong. I realised this when I joined IMU and was exposed to the various roles of a pharmacist and what it takes to be a great one early in the pharmacy programme, ensuring that we had the proper mindset and expectations. Pharmacists are also versatile and have plenty of career paths to pick from, apart from the more traditional ones.” “My parents have always believed that education is of upmost importance and they strive to provide the best for my siblings and I. Since IMU is known to be one of the leading private healthcare universities, IMU had always been one of my choices to pursue a degree in. I finally made the decision to enrol in IMU due to their excellent track record in producing top quality pharmacists and the chance for a full scholarship. Thankfully, I was awarded the scholarship by IMU and was offered a place in February 2015 intake.” “Several months after completing my finals, I joined the Ministry of Health to undergo my training as a provisionally registered pharmacist (PRP). I have been attached to several departments. It has been an eye-opening experience as the expectations are now different and I am able to truly see the impact of the roles that pharmacists play in a hospital setting. Although there is still plenty of new knowledge to acquire from the training, I am confident that IMU had prepared me with the relevant skills needed.” Read more about Keng Wah’s journey at IMU: An IMU Scholar’s Journey to Become a Qualified Pharmacist in Malaysia
PG Lingeshan (Medicine)
IMU Alumnus, PG Lingeshan at his convocation ceremony“The fact that IMU provides me with a scholarship is a form of my support system [besides my mother Gnana Jothi, who raised me and my sister alone]. Consequently, knowing Prof Dato’ Dr Kandasami and Prof Datuk Dr N Sivalingam during my clinical years helped me to face my daily clinical-related battles and they have provided me so much mental strength to do better in medicine. This goes to the many other lecturers who played a huge role in my development as a doctor. Last but not least, good friends are tough to come by but I am grateful to have some who were willing to share their journey with me.” “Everything happens for a reason. Start appreciating moments in our lives with your heart. Honour the souls who have sailed and will be sailing alongside with you through your life journey. You are meant to be doing what you are doing now. Seek beyond what your eyes show you. You are the captain of your ship—steer soulfully to your desired direction.” Read more about Lingeshan’s journey at IMU: An IMU Scholar’s Inspirations Towards Gaining his Medical Degree
Hossein Jahedi (Biomedical Science)
“Receiving the IMU Scholarship, which I am extremely grateful for, allowed me to continue my studies without having to worry about the financial burden my family had to go through. And that’s how my journey in IMU began! IMU Scholar and Biomedical Science top student, Hossein Jahedi, shares his experience studying Biomedical Science in IMU. “Without doubt, IMU and its personnel, lecturers, mentors, and supportive university staff (special shout-out to the Student Services Department) played a huge part. I am thankful to you all! I can’t count the number of times I approached them to bring up a problem, clarify an issue whether academic or personal, or even just rant about how stressed I was feeling. In the end, graduating from IMU was bitter-sweet; having to leave my IMU family was sad, but I feel excited moving forwards. “Graduating with first class honours from IMU’s three year honours programme, with a bunch of other achievements to my resume, has gotten me a full tuition fee and living allowance scholarship from University of Auckland in New Zealand to pursue my PhD in Biomedical Science.” Read more about Hossein’s journey at IMU: IMU Scholar: It’s Always About The Bigger Picture!
Pichien Mongkolthanit (Medical Biotechnology)
“I am extremely grateful to have been awarded the IMU scholarship, which covered my full tuition fees. This allowed me to pursue my studies with a peace of mind, knowing that I was not financially burdening my family during my time in IMU. As part of the IMU scholars, I had the chance to meet brilliant minds from different programmes across the university! Everyone had their own experiences and aspirations to share, and it is amazing that we all share a common goal: to use our burning passion and sense of innovation in hopes of contributing to the betterment of healthcare.”

“I’m grateful to IMU for providing the means for its students to not only pursue academic excellence, but to pick up or enhance their interests in co-curriculars as well.For me, it has been a wonderful experience to practise my craft in photography as part of the IMU Photography Club, and to serve as its president later on. This, along with other leadership roles I’ve committed to in my journey as a Student Ambassador has allowed me to grow to be a better leader. It has been a joy to have worked with many inspiring people here in IMU, and a privilege to have had the chance of learning from them. “My hope is to one day contribute to the growth in the Malaysian biotechnological sector. My immediate plans are to further my postgraduate studies in one of the few other countries that are more biotechnologically advanced and, who knows where my path may lead me. Malaysia is my home, and hopefully, I can help make it a better one. Wish me luck!” Read more about Pichien’s journey at IMU: IMU Scholar Strives to Achieve Greater Heights

Wong Pui Mun (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
“After completing my high school education, I decided to join International Medical University (IMU) as a Chinese Medicine student and entered into another milestone in my life. The reason for me to choose Chinese Medicine as my degree is that I wish to help more people who are in need. Just as simple as that! “The moment I realised all my hard work paid off is when patients recovered after my treatment and the smile and thanks that appeared on their faces. I have never felt such happiness and sense of achievement before. It inspires and ignites my passion in doing better and working harder to help more people. In addition, I would never be this successful and competent without the guidance of all the lecturers from Chinese Medicine. They are always helpful, responsible and patient in guiding us, encouraging us and nurturing us in becoming a competent physician of the future. “My dream will never have been realised without the financial support from IMU. I am honoured to be awarded a partial IMU scholarship since the first year of my degree. I come from a single parent family and thus financial problems are the biggest obstacle to enter university. However, IMU has given me a chance to pursue my dream by providing me a partial scholarship throughout the whole journey of my degree course. It helped to reduce my family’s financial burden and I was able to enjoy my university life with no worries.” Read more about Pui Mun’s journey at IMU: My Unforgettable Journey Studying Chinese Medicine at International Medical University
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