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Gaining Insights into the IMU Undergraduate Programme

13 Jul 2015

Choosing the most suitable course for never easy. On 9 June 2015, a forum was organised by the International Medical University (IMU) Student Ambassadors for Semester 2 Foundation in Science  (FiS) students to learn more about its undergraduate courses. FIS 1 The forum are aimed at assisting the students to get to knowing more about the courses available in IMU as well as gaining some insights in choosing which courses to go to after they graduate from the FIS programme. All the courses were introduced to them by the seniors as this would give them the opportunity to know exactly how their seniors are progressing and the challenges that they are facing. A Foundation in Science student, Victoria found this forum to be very informative and interesting. She thinks that she now has a clearer picture on what course to choose after this forum. Her classmate, Yee Ting agrees and said, “After this forum, I know better about the courses in IMU and from this I think I can now choose the course that is more suitable for me.” Fis4FiS 2 The forum started off with an introduction speech to let the students know the focus of this forum and encourage them to ask their seniors questions. Following that, seniors from respective courses began to give short presentations comprising of an overview of the courses, challenges faced and job prospects. The forum also answered some questions like the differences between Dietetics with Nutrition vs Nutrition, Biomedical Science vs Medical Biotechnology and Pharmacy vs Pharmaceutical Chemistry. During the forum, some seniors also gave advice to the FIS students. “It is really beneficial that I came to the forum as now I’ve learnt more about each course in IMU. This allows me to make better choices for my degree course later,’ said Yuen Jie.

Mr. Taksuki who is an IMU MBBS graduate and currently pursuing the IMU Chinese Medicine course said that “There is no easy course to study but don’t be afraid to make choices. Once you have decided, keep on trying until you succeed. The only time you fail is when you give up.”

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