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IMU Netball Team Wins MAPCU Netball Competition

03 Oct 2019

Looking for a good coach and a team who can commit. Having a coach who inspires players and allow players to grow is an essential part of having a successful team. It was not an easy task to find a great coach and we are very lucky to say we have passed this hurdle. Players who can commit to being in the team is a constant problem faced in any club as the busy students of International Medical University (IMU) have different schedules. Not everyone will be able to commit their time to have consistent training and this is a challenge that we are still facing. Yet, it is a challenge that we have to manage, in order to win in netball competitions. Training for the MAPCU Netball Competition It was the first ever MAPCU competition that any of us in the team had participated in. We were very excited to compete against other universities as it was the first time our team will be going for an intervarsity game under our new coaches. We trained twice as hard for this competition one month before the game day –  training twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm. It was not an easy task to get the full team to come and train together at the same time, but we tried our very best to get at least 10 out of 12 players who are participating for MAPCU to be there. As the team has a high respect for our coaches, most of us would do the best we can to attend the training. For the absentees, those who attended the training will share with them what we have learned if it’s a tactic or knowledge related information. Our MAPCU experience Honestly, we did not believe that we could win the competition. We entered the competition hall full of nervousness as our previous competition was an Open competition (any teams of any age can join) which was very tough. IMU Netball Team defeated the top ten university teams in MAPCU to win the MAPCU Netball Competition. After our first match against one of the strongest teams – Monash University, we won all the subsequent games. For this team, having reflections, praising the good things that have been done as well as pointing out what could be improved helped a lot in this competition. This win was extremely meaningful to us. It was our first gold under the new coach and for the latest batch of selected players. On top of that, it was a morale boost for the existing members of the team as we are starting to believe in our strengths as a team.

“We were going with 200% commitment for the crucial matches and we reckon our first MAPCU title was the result of our determination and one of which we are all very proud of – to beat netball teams from long-established sporting universities”.

We are glad to be able to have represented IMU at the intervarsity games and hope to be the pride of IMU again soon. Tribute to MAPCU success We want to tribute our success to coach Yap and coach Tang for training us diligently and for being patient with us MAPCU, and not to forget Student Services Hub (SSH) and Mr Ali Kader who have been very supportive to us, especially in terms of sponsorship. We are really grateful to have such great encouragement from the University as well as from our coaches.

About MAPCU Netball Competition
The MAPCU Netball Competition took place at the Shah Alam National Sports Complex Panasonic on 29 September 2019. The competition, run by Malaysia Association of Private College and University (MAPCU) is an annual event of the top teams of private higher learning institutions competing against each other in the tradition renowned for their sporting success.

Next target Our next target is a gold for the medical intervarsity games (MIVG) which is scheduled to be held in December. In 2018, we bagged a silver for MIVG, so for this year, we want to make a great come back by getting first place. Written by: Shiro Chew Ming Ann, President of Netball Club.

Congratulations to the winning team and all the best in future competitions!

Members of the Winning Team
Agus (PS119) Poh Yee (ME119)
Yi Lin (PC219) Kantiya (BM118)
Renee (CH118) Qiu Yii (ME218)
Cindy (ME118) Jade (CH118)
Lilian (ME118) Mengge (ME217)
Suguna (DT115) Shiro (DT118)

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