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IMU Nursing Students and Staff Trains Caregivers at Lovely Nursing Home

24 Mar 2015

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International Medical University (IMU) student nurses and staff from the Nursing Division carried out their first pilot training for the caregivers of elderly inmates at Lovely Nursing Home, Petaling Jaya in November last year. Training the caregivers’ workshop marks another new milestone under IMU Cares Projects. The purpose of training the caregivers, is to educate the caregivers to improve the quality of care provided to the elderly residents in the nursing homes and protect themselves from injury while caring for the elderly residents. On the day of training the students and staff were filled with eager anticipation. The team demonstrated: effective hand washing, principles and care of personal hygiene for the residents, initiate measures for the prevention of pressure sores, principles in lifting using correct body mechanics, basic first aid and performing simple wound dressing. The caregivers performed a return demonstration after the training. The session was interesting and very interactive between the care givers and the IMU team. The care givers were very attentive and highly motivated throughout the training. Training the Cares at Lovely Nursing Home 139Training the Cares at Lovely Nursing Home 041

Through this training session, students had new experience in serving the community, indirectly discovering their potential and interest to develop various competencies. Students were also aware of the importance of being disciplined, caring, professional and ethical in dealing with the caregivers and the elderly residents at the home. Teaching and learning is thus fully interconnected – academically, socially and culturally.

IMU community projects aim to serve society through community involvement, integrating service, education and research for the development of IMU students and staff to be competent, ethical, caring and inquiring professionals who are leaders of the community. Training the Cares at Lovely Nursing Home 002

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