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IMU Offers Two New Postgraduate Diplomas for Working Dentists

07 Jan 2020

It is common for individual dental practitioners to seek and obtain advanced education, experience and specific focused competencies. With this in mind, the IMU School of Dentistry will start offering two new postgraduate diploma programmes, Postgraduate Diploma in Prosthodontics (PGDPRos) and Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics (PGDEndo) in April 2020. Prosthodontic treatment is performed after removal of teeth and refers to replacement of missing teeth or related structures by artificial means while Endodontics is a treatment pertaining to saving the existing teeth from caries and pulpal infections by performing root canal treatment and related procedures. The primary objective of the IMU PGDPros and PGDEndo is to provide dental practitioners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in Prosthodontics and Endodontics; to plan and treat a variety of patients ranging from minimally to moderately complexities. Both programmes are designed to support the training and learning of working dental practitioners by using a flexible modular mode of delivery and a wide array of teaching methods supplemented with guidance from personal tutors. The training emphasises the provision of care based on current evidence and best practices utilising appropriate technologies and specialised techniques.

The programmes cover knowledge acquisition through face-to-face and online lectures, case-based discussion, skills development through hands-on training in the simulation lab, and clinical experience through patient care at the IMU Oral Health Centre and at the student’s own workplace. This programme aims to produce graduates who are able to coordinate a multidisciplinary approach in managing oral healthcare, and provide accessible and affordable prosthodontic and endodontic care. Graduates are expected to be able to update their skills through lifelong learning, and share their expertise with their peers.

The Prosthodontics and Endodontics programmes are designed for full-time and part-time students with respective flexible options. They include 6 modules in 2 semesters with a total of 30 credit hours to be delivered over a period of 1 year. Duration of each module is approximately 6 weeks including 1 week of compulsory on-site activities in IMU School of Dentistry. Both programmes are scheduled to kick start with their first cohort in April 2020.

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