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IMU Psychology Lecturer Sought for Expert Opinion

11 Jun 2014

From time to time, IMU faculty members have been sought by the media to provide their expert opinions on certain topics which they are featuring. This is a platform for these faculty members to share their knowledge and experience and to reach out to the public. In the past few months, psychology lecturer, Dr Nicole Chen Lee Ping was sought by the various types of media in Malaysia (newspaper, radio and television) to provide her views on various current topics. Dr Nicole Chen was interviewed by a reporter from a Malaysian Chinese Language newspaper on “What are the healing processes that women survivors of childhood sexual abuse go through?”. This is related to the topic of Dr Nicole’s thesis for her PhD titled “Healing experiences of women survivors of childhood sexual abuse”. This is part of a series on child abuse (all forms) in Malaysia in the Chinese newspaper. You can view the articles by clicking on these link: China Press 24 April 2014 (Page 1) China Press 24 April 2014 (Page 2) Dr Nicole has also been sought for interviews by other Malaysian Chinese newspapers, Malay newspapers and English newspapers since 2002. Dr Nicole was interviewed on “sexual harassment” on a Malaysian Chinese radio station in April 2014. A month earlier, she was interviewed on television on the “Psychological wellbeing of family members of MH370”.

Prior to this, Dr Nicole has had two previous radio and television interviews respectively on various matters such as child sexual abuse, violence against women and customary marriage and legal registration. Besides this, Dr Nicole has also been interviewed by reporters from various magazines in the areas of sexual harassment, life as a counsellor, sexual abuse and parenting skills.
Dr Nicole Chen obtained her Bachelor of Counselling (Hons), Masters in Counselling, and PhD in Counselling from the University of Malaya. She has been working as a counsellor and trainer for more than 14 years in different counselling settings in non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, and private counselling centres. She is also a registered counsellor under the Board of Counsellors of Malaysia. She has wide counselling experiences in dealing with female clients who have experienced trauma as well as clients who face difficulties in their relationships. She is currently a lecturer at IMU and has more than 6 years of tertiary teaching experiences. She has published journal articles and presented at national and international conferences. Her current research interests are in human resiliencies, psychological healing, trauma healing and women issues.    

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