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IMU Psychology Staff and Students Collect Food for Food Bank

16 Nov 2015

International Medical University (IMU) Psychology student, Wan Nur Arina bt Rashidan did doing my internship in Do Something Good under a company called Tandemic. During this internship, she was responsible for a volunteering event. For this event, the company collaborated with Grace Community Services’ Food Bank. Arina tells us more about the event. Food Drive “During my meeting with the manager of Grace Community Services’ Food Bank, Irene – she told us most of the food stock were low because they gave away food supplies for the Kelantan flood relief efforts and Nepal Earthquake victims. I thought it was very noble of them so I wanted to collect food for their beneficiaries, I had an idea on how to get people involved without having to come on the event day. The ideas was to have a mini food drive at their school, university or work and just drop off the food at our office. 11960580_10203848008399838_1195591977_o11942466_10203848024720246_1420095204_o I tried to get my juniors to collect food by having each person to contribute one item. It was challenging because I was away from IMU, but my junior Swarnaa was so kind to take the initiative to contact me personally and help me out by being on the ground at IMU. Moreover, I wanted us to get a group photo with IMU PSYCHOLOGY banner to represent our university. To do that, I needed to write an “official email” to our lecturer to get permission to use it. Not only did our lecturer granted us the permission to use the banner, she forwarded the information to other lecturers and staff about the food collection! On the day of the food collection, we collected more than expected – it was super exciting because I didn’t get much response at first. There were so much that I had many boxes filling my car and my boot was so full! Picture1Picture2

 I am very thankful to have such supportive peers and lecturers. The team at Grace Community Services was very appreciative and applauded IMU for these contributions.”

Relating her experience assisting Arina in this event, Swarnaa Sanmuganathan said, “For me, I naturally like to volunteer and when I found out about this event from Arina, I wanted to help. Even though, this wasn’t my event, I still wanted to do my best and make it a success. I started off by finding more information about it from Arina and then began preparation work which included allocating a time and venue for collection, informing all the other psychology students and staff about it, calling up lecturers to get permission for the usage of the banners, getting the necessary approvals from Student Services Department, purchasing and setting up the boxes, assigning a photographer, posting updates and ultimately making sure everything went smoothly on the day. And I can surely say I was pleased to see the amount of donations that was collected and to see some really helpful and generous souls. It was truly an amazing and a very satisfying experience and I am thankful to all that made it possible.”

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