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IMU’s Professor is one of the Panel Members in Scientific American Interview

18 Feb 2014

February 2014 – International Medical University’s professor of pathology, Prof Ammu Radhakrishnan, participated in a tele-interview (in the form of a virtual round table discussion) organised by Scientific American as one of the panel members. The discussion was on her research work that involved the use of palm tocotrienols (a form of vitamin E that is found abundantly in palm oil), which had both anti-cancer and immune-enhancing effects. Prof Ammu said:

IMU_0583e“I am honoured to have been invited to be one of the panel members alongside some of the distinguished researchers in this field. The topic of discussion is on my main area of research, which is on the therapeutic use of palm tocotrienols to fight breast cancer either directly as an anti-cancer agent or via activating the immune system to kill cancer cells”.

IMU_0598e Prof Ammu has been involved in several studies on the use of palm phytonutrients (natural chemicals in palm oil) for their therapeutic potential.  Currently, her research group is trying to elucidate some of the molecular mechanisms that might be responsible for the anti-cancer and immune-stimulating properties of these phytochemicals, in particular the tocotrienols.


In her interview, Prof Ammu mentioned that the results from her group show that palm-derived phytonutrients are good at preventing growth of cancer and the spread of cancer.  It also shows that these chemicals can turn on some immune responses and enhance others. In addition, these chemicals can potentiate the response to some vaccines. These findings indicate the potentially broad medical applications of palm-derived substances and these palm-derived phytonutrients could eventually spawn new forms of cancer therapy or accentuate the activity of some vaccines. To view the full interview on this topic, please click here (

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