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IMU’s Acoustic Night 2014: An Amazing Night to Remember

19 Jun 2014

22 May, 2014 – IMU’s Acoustic Night 2014 was, indeed, a night to remember. Good live music followed by elated cheers and applause filled the Pandan Serai Café as 14 talented stars of IMU gave stellar performances.


This much-anticipated event organised by IMU’s Music and Performance Club with the support of Student Services Department showcased solo and group acts by both returning and first-time performers and even featured an outstanding surprise performance by the club’s advisor, Dr Joachim Perera! It was truly a treat for the audience as Dr Perera sang in English and his native language while leading the crowd to a sing-along. 10256505_472324276235592_539240295437893357_o 1912548_472325262902160_8686055030121605042_o 10380572_472952196172800_306630241545825875_o 1502282_472325499568803_8088387753877495012_o 1276984_472325579568795_1695780853780945662_o 10329800_472325699568783_3867399011127931589_o 10317665_472326009568752_2142980078212359118_o 1497991_472326302902056_4805163765694500944_o 10372964_472327142901972_1181659422859011999_o (800x515) 10269271_472952676172752_358901602826843358_o There was a good mix of slow and upbeat songs ranging from mashups to classic acoustic renditions. Undeniably, the high energy and fun-filled atmosphere was generated by an incredible audience who gave their utmost support to their fellow friends and even held up mini-posters to encourage the performers.

10353266_472953059506047_9136056261652141652_o     10338632_472951769506176_6394858968949010202_o

Overall, this event was a resounding success as students were able to share their passion for music and have an enjoyable and memorable night. Photos courtesy of IMU Photography Club

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