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What Makes IMU Psychology Programme Stand Out?

10 Sep 2020

Studying psychology has always been an interesting journey. Psychology is defined as a scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes, nonetheless this definition alone sparks a great deal of intriguing questions of a human being’s immense complexities. Psychology has developed tremendously over the past hundred years or so that various theories and approaches leading to its deeper understanding have emerged. On the flip side, universities of higher learning both local and abroad have offered psychology courses for it has gradually captured the interest of career choices among students. IMU’s approach in teaching psychology is inclusive of the increasingly growing diverse learners in higher education. To address the needs of a learner’s diversity, the IMU Psychology programme is systematised into equally excellent preparations for both faculty and students’ academic and career satisfaction. Below are the four reasons that provides our students an advantage in obtaining a degree at IMU:

Our faculty members are competent and experienced professionals with a wealth of years of experience in practice, teaching, clinical supervision, and research. Their fields of expertise: industrial and organisational psychology, neuropsychology, behavioural psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, counselling and clinical psychology. Recently, we organised a 3-session live talk series on various topics: Embracing Grief and Loss Amidst a Pandemic, Helping Our Kids (and Ourselves) Stay Positive in a Pandemic, and Building Resilience As a Family, hosted and presented by our fantastic four: Cheryl Tham, Puvessha Jegathisan, Alexius Cheang, and Serena In. These topics are but a teaser to the forte of our entire team of dynamic and incredibly talented Psychology lecturers, where more future talks will be sprouting from, to inspire and impact our community.
Credible and Versatile
Armed with teaching experiences in American, British, Australian and local educational systems, and registered with respective international professional bodies, our faculty is versatile in their adaptability to capturing the essence of each unique educational system, while working tirelessly to bring out the best in our students, preparing them for a bright future ahead, that would best match their personal interests and strengths. We regularly get feedback from our alumni on their adaptability to the workplace post-graduation and are proud that our programme’s standards adequately prepare our students to thrive in the real world – which we believe is the essence of higher education.
Priding ourselves on maintaining excellence in teaching and learning, our university also practises a mentor-mentee system that serves to connect at an individualised level, providing them with appropriate academic support to ensure that each student is well on their way to success in their future career. We also model professionalism, while being compassionate and kind in our approach of training the person behind the profession, to not just do, but to feel and heal. The IMU philosophical model also emphasizes caring for the community, with students engaging in community-based projects throughout their journey in IMU.
In addressing the serious concerns of rising mental health issues in Malaysia, our latest addition to our Psychology programme is the launch of our Master of Counselling postgraduate programme this September. Successful completion of this programme would qualify you to become a registered and licensed counsellor in Malaysia awarded by the Malaysian Counselling Board. Graduates from our IMU Bachelor of Psychology also find it easy to obtain employment in a variety of fields postgraduation: ranging from careers in industries such as early childhood development, special education, human capital development, public relations, human resource, marketing, financial and business analysis, financial planning, business start-ups, occupational health and safety, broadcasting, interpretation, social work, coaching, and more. After all, our graduates undergo a balance of rigorously scientific yet holistic training in areas like motivation, learning, memory, leadership, behaviour modification, communication skills, and entrepreneurship. Those with a passion for further higher education, eventually go on to spread their wings in psychology, joining the ranks of their predecessors.

Although 2020 has been a challenging year for people globally, our IMU Psychology faculty and students have proven themselves to be highly resilient, learning to navigate through the surprises that the pandemic has thrown our way. We listen, we adjust, we re-navigate and we bounce back stronger than before. That is how effective we are in the application of psychology and we are proud of our persevering passion in educating future professionals.

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