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Information Packed Online Workshop on Using Python for Health Data Analytics and Visualisation

18 Dec 2020

25 – 27 November 2020 – The 3-day online workshop entitled “Introduction to the Use of Python for Health Data Analytics and Visualisation” organised by IMU Centre for Lifelong Learning provided participants with a basic understanding and fundamentals of using ‘Colab’ notebooks. The workshop was very useful, especially for individuals who do not possess any programming background. It provided a series of unique learning experiences ranging from data cleaning and transformation, modelling, data visualisation, to machine learning.

Prof Patrice Francois Boursier Dr Tan Ee Xion Dr Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashem

At the workshop, the participants were reminded by the trainers not just to dwell on a single algorithm, but to apply multiple algorithms to our dataset to increase its accuracy. More importantly, the trainers  were very helpful and willing to provide their feedback on the participants’ documents that contained live code, equations, visualisations and narrative text, even after the workshop had ended. With this opportunity, participants learnt to self-learn by downloading the raw data which was provided by the trainers and get their feedback on the coding outputs. However, these 3 days of participation in the workshop definitely would not upgrade participants to become experts in this field. It would need a lot of self-discipline and dedication to continuously try and practice more exercises using Python, so as not to forget the strategies or workflows in the coding.

Some Feedback from Participants
Too much information in a short period of time, feel like need more time to digest all the information.
Learnt a lot .. thank you so much . would like to learn more about this, if there is another workshop.

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