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Another Formulation Technology Transferred to Industrial Partner

29 Aug 2018

Faculty from Pharmaceutical Technology Department, International Medical University (IMU), headed by Dr Hira Choudhury recently secured another industrial contract research project with InQpharm Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. The team comprises of Dr Nagashekhara M, Dr Manisha Pandey and Dr Farrukh Zeeshan.

The goal of this project was to develop a suitable formulation technology for a hydrophilic nutraceutical with potential health benefits. Further, the project work extended to formulate a stable granular form which would reduce the nutraceutical viscosity enhancement in water for around twenty minutes followed by escalation in viscosity in stomach pH and satisfied other quality control tests recommended by InQpharm. Moreover, the success of this would improve consumer compliance.

InQpharm is a global life sciences-based company that develops natural healthcare products. The company is a market leader for oral devices in Europe and focusses on weight wellness, gut health and allergy management. The company has approached School of Pharmacy, IMU in the year of 2015 to explore possible consultancy works in the formulation and development of solid dosage forms. The unique techno-commercial knowledge of Dr Nagashekhara Molugulu and Prof Mallikarjuna Rao (Associate Dean for Research and Consultancy, IMU), enabled the team to get a few contractual projects in past two years from InQpharm. After successful completion of the previous projects within stipulated time, InQpharm was impressed with our research consultancy services and we given the opportunity to work with another major project on the formulation trials. The researchers worked on a suitable formulation granulation technology and selectively controlled the viscosity of the given hydrophilic nutraceutical followed by other quality control parameters accorded by InQpharm. Dr Hira and team led in scientific and technical matters, drawing on a wealth of personal experience in academia and industry. The project was successfully completed within the stipulated time of three months. Apart from highlighting IMU’s considerable expertise in pharmaceutical technology, the collaboration is expected to provide a number of opportunities for student experiential learning and Pharma industry-related projects. Assistant Director of Research & Development, InQpharm provided appreciable feedback on successful completion of consultancy project.

PATRICIA DE COSTA Assistant Director, Research & Development, InQpharm Group Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
“Thank you IMU Pharmaceutical Technology team for the excellent work! I really enjoyed working with you and appreciate your dedicated commitment”

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