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Integrating Humanities and Creativity into the Curriculum

25 Aug 2017

30 May 2017 – The Department of Language, Communication and Culture from the IMU organised its 7th Humanities Day at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil as part of the initiative to integrate humanities and creativity into the curriculum of IMU students. This bi-annual Humanities Day was organised to showcase the students’ projects through exhibitions, performance and presentations. This event was participated by the Semester One students from the Medicine and Dentistry programmes. The event started in the morning with students conducting an exhibition at the Atrium under the theme Food, Glorious Food as part of their MPU 3272 Art and Healing’s project. Food stemming from various cultures were exhibited and the benefits of these food for good health were presented to the public. Sharing the atrium with the Food, Glorious Food exhibition was the exhibition on the miniature architectural replicas by the students of Group A from the MPU 3123 TITAS module. Mini eye-catching replicas of various renowned architectures from all over the world such as the Great Wall of China, Dome of the Rock and the Bujang Valley were exhibited to the public. As the event moved on to the second part of the day, the Atrium was replaced with exhibitions from students of the MPU3243 History of Medicine module. Going under the theme Ancient Healing Interventions: Past to Present, students exhibited as well as presented the relevant history, medicinal tools and methods used during the ancient period. Laden with medicinal artefacts, students also dressed up as Egyptian gods as well as Greek medical practitioners to promote their booths to the public. Also exhibiting at the Atrium in the afternoon were students of Group B from the MPU 3123 TITAS module. A new group of creative and prominent architectural replicas were presented this time around and members of the public crowded the booths to admire these new sets of mini replicas.

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