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University of Oxford Medical Student Gains Invaluable Experience at IMU, Malaysia

17 Jun 2015

Stuart Miles is a medical student from University of Oxford, England who did his electives at the International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia. He has since completed his studies and will be doing his housemanship in a hospital at Bristol, England. He spent ten weeks at IMU and recalls fondly of his time in Malaysia. WP_20150522_14_15_53_Pro “Over the past ten weeks, I relished the opportunity to experience medicine in a different country and environment and have enjoyed seeing the similarities and variations in clinical practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, split between the obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatric departments as an elective student at the IMU based at Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban. ” “The kindness and hospitality of the students and staff whilst I have been here has made this feel like my home University. This has been one of the highlights of my stay, as I have experienced the local culture and food, being guided by Semester 8 students, whilst also having the opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and other regions of Malaysia.”

“During my time here I have had the opportunity to participate in outpatient clinics, ward activities and experience the labour ward. These experiences have been invaluable, allowing me to consolidate knowledge, whilst also learning new skills such as antenatal ultrasound scanning.”

“I am very grateful to the lecturers, particularly Dato’ Siva and A/Prof Moti Lal, who have helped organise my time in their departments and encouraged me to participate in their classes. The teaching I received whilst in these rotations has been interesting and stimulating. It has really helped me understand topics in further depth than I had previously studied.” “Overall, I have had an excellent experience, both academically and recreationally. I would recommend the IMU to all considering an elective in Malaysia.”

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