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Kindness Tour Kicks Off at Digi HQ

21 Feb 2019

The #StandTogether Kindness Tour, an effort to bring kindness workshops to schools across Malaysia, kicked off at the Digi headquarters. The goal of the tour is to reach 750 schools this year and recruit 3,000 students and teachers to be kindness “ambassadors”. Psychology lecturers from the International Medical University (IMU) facilitated the teachers’ workshop, which focused on best practices for handling bullying cases and developing kindness programmes. ‘Through the session, teachers had a chance to self-assess and challenge their own ideas of handling bullying situations, and came up with draft projects on how they plan to implement what they learned today,” said IMU psychology lecturer and programme director Alexius Cheang. Read more about this event at Kindness Tour Kicks Off at Digi HQ (The Star, 22 February 2019) or its online version (Kindness Tour Kicks Off at Digi HQ – Star Online)  

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