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An IMU Scholar’s Inspirations Towards Gaining his Medical Degree

25 Feb 2019

Have you ever wondered, if it was possible to sail through life alone without needing any kind of support? To strive and not lose hope. To push through despite the obstacles. To be able to give the best version of yourself while you are falling over. To be able to smile with all the struggles in life. To wake up and feel there’s still purpose in what we do. Yes, we can. Yet, there is someone somewhere out there who has already set the pathway for us to succeed or to provide us with the support we may need at that moment of time. For some, it may happen right away and for some, it takes longer than it supposes to. It is whether we take the effort to notice it. To be grounded enough to embrace it. We humans do not appreciate enough the blessings in disguise that comes along our way. We humans always fail to be grateful with what we have and seek for more. Individuals who are content with their life are individuals who soak their souls with gratitude every single day. It could be for any circumstances – triumph or tragedy. Circumstances in life has definitely made PG Lingeshan of IMU‘s medicine cohort of ME2/13 what he is today, always believing in going the extra mile for anything in life. After all, life has not always been a bed of roses for him. He also believes that our actions today reflect where we will be tomorrow or even in the years to come. The journey is going to be a bumpy ride but it will be worth it one day. Being raised by a single mother comes with its very own set of challenges and Lingeshan was not an exception to that. This didn’t stop him from having his own dreams to study medicine even though he knew his situation may not allow him to experience it. This didn’t stop his mother either from giving her son the privilege to dream big. Giving someone the privilege to dream and not dreaming at all are two different things. She supported his dreams even in their uncertain world. “There are many inspirational moments in my life which kept me going regardless of circumstances but there is only one inspirational soul who kept me going in life/studies which is my mother – Gnana Jothi. I was brought up by a single mother and her persistent desire to raise me well will always be my biggest motivation to strive higher.” When it comes to a support system, his mother has been his strongest pillar and will always be. Her patient endurance of hardship has helped him to face his battles.  “I am pretty sure most would have heard of ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman. I would actually disagree with it because I was blessed with two instead, my mother and sister – Kahrishmaa. I will strive better to keep them smiling.” Lingeshan expresses.

Receiving the IMU Scholarship: One of the biggest blessings for PG Lingeshan
Receiving a scholarship from IMU was one of the biggest blessings of his life. He got the opportunity to satisfy his burning desire to study medicine. This has been penned down in the gratitude journal of his life. IMU Alumnus, PG Lingeshan at his convocation ceremony “The fact that IMU provided me with a scholarship is already another form of my support system. Consequently, knowing Prof Dato’ Kandasami Palayan and Prof Dato’ Sivalingam Nalliah during my clinical years helped me to face my daily clinical related battles and they have provided me so much mental strength to do better in medicine. This goes to the many other lecturers who played a huge role in my development as a doctor. Last but not least, good friends are tough to come by but I am grateful to have some who were willing to share their journey with me.” One of the most valuable lessons learnt by him throughout his scholar years was – to value failure. No, he wasn’t talking about failing his examination. It was more of the little pockets of inability to perform certain tasks and dealing with his very own set of expectations that were his insecurities. He has failed in these aspects multiple times but those failures taught him valuable lessons.  He has learnt to embrace failure as a part of the price to the road of a positive outcome.  It’s OKAY to fail, just do not let it stop you from moving forward,” affirms Lingeshan. His journey as a medical student was hectic as much as any medical student out there but having a good family, trustworthy friends and inspirational lecturers have sailed him through this journey.

How does it feel to finally graduate after 5 years? Lingeshan’s replied that “To be honest, mere words can’t explain how I actually feel but the fact that this degree means everything to me and my family comes close to what I actually feel.” With open arms and heart, he is ready for the next chapter in his life – the field of Hepatobiliary.

PG Lingeshan’s Advice
Everything happens for a reason. Start appreciating moments in our lives with your heart. Honour the souls who have sailed and will be sailing alongside with you through your life journey. You are meant to be doing what you are doing now. Seek beyond what your eyes show you. You are the captain of your ship – steer soulfully to your desired direction.

Lingeshan started studying for his medical degree at the International Medical University (IMU) in 2013 and graduated with his degree in 2018. He is currently working at IMU’s Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre as a Peer Tutor whilst waiting for housemanship placement.

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