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My Journey Studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry at IMU

10 Oct 2017

My name is Abirami Vijayakumar and I completed my studies in BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme at IMU. Currently I am employed by IMU to work in the Laboratory and I must say that IMU has given me so much memories and knowledge throughout my studies and working life at the University. I’ve always wanted to enrol myself in a course related to medicine as well as chemistry since I have the passion for both. When I was looking for courses to enrol for my university studies, I came across IMU’s pharmaceutical chemistry programme and found it to be very interesting.

The pharmaceutical chemistry programme does not only concentrate on chemistry but it also exposes  students to knowledge in different aspects such as Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Business Management, which help us to broaden our career aspects upon graduation. It has a wide scope of syllabus where students will be exposed to laboratory sessions, industrial visit and trainings, presentation, final year projects and many more.

IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumna For me, IMU also has the best and experienced lecturers where they are always there to help and are ready share their knowledge. Besides that, IMU also have good facilities and conducive environment for students to study. I also had PBL (Problem Based Learning) sessions where it enhanced my problem solving skills.

The laboratory sessions have enabled me to gain good knowledge in handling chemicals, practical hands-on skills and produce accurate results. IMU also always care about its students’ safety where each time a lab session takes place, a safety briefing will be given.

In addition, despite the hectic timetable that we have for every semester, IMU also have interesting events at its campus such as Charity Run, IMU Cup and many more where students can participate and develop other soft skills. Now as an employee of IMU, I have managed to put in whatever knowledge that I have gained from my studies into my career. Nevertheless, I am still leaning and gaining more experience here. IMU will always be special to me and I would thank all the lecturers and other staff here who has been always helpful and guide me whenever I need help. I hope to achieve more success through IMU in the near future.

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