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Nurturing Passion and Self-Growth in My Journey from Bachelor of Psychology to Master of Counselling at IMU

19 Jun 2023

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” These profound words by Carl Jung perfectly encapsulate my transformative journey through the Master of Counselling programme at IMU.


In the realm of time, where moments slip through my fingers like sand, five years may seem like a mere blink of an eye. Throughout my five-year journey at IMU, I embarked on a profound exploration of self-discovery and personal growth, bringing me closer to fulfilling my passion for the helping profession.


It all began in 2016 when I first embarked on my psychology journey at IMU. Those three years of undergraduate study were a transformative whirlwind, shaping my understanding and deepening my passion for the complexities of the human mind and behaviour. During these years, I developed a solid academic foundation, laying the groundwork for my future endeavours in counselling. With each passing year, the seed of my passion blossomed and took root within me.


As one chapter ended, the turning of the page unveiled the beginning of a new chapter.

In 2020, with a heart full of passion, I embarked on the Master of Counselling programme at IMU, immersing myself in a voyage of self-discovery, nurturing my passion, and cultivating my knowledge and skills in the field of counselling.

Throughout the programme, each module and practical experience provided me with valuable knowledge and skills. I delved into various aspects of the human mind and behaviour, theories of counselling, counselling techniques and intervention, cultural sensitivity as well as ethical considerations. The programme also offered me supervised practical experiences and ongoing professional development. In addition, I had the chance to gain practical experience in organising events, creating tailored content for diverse populations, and facilitating psychoeducational sessions. Through these experiences, I have put my knowledge and skills into practice, fostering a skill set that complements my counselling expertise as I worked with diverse populations and multidisciplinary teams.


Furthermore, I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to delve into the elective module on crisis, trauma, and grief counselling. This enriching experience not only deepened my understanding of the counselling field but also provided me with a comprehensive exploration of an area that resonates deeply with my passion. It equipped me with a profound and nuanced comprehension of counselling techniques and approaches specifically tailored to support clients in times of crisis, trauma, and grief.


The programme’s impact goes beyond academic learning. It has not only equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills but also nurtured my passion and facilitated my personal growth. The Master of Counselling programme at IMU, has propelled me on a transformative path of self-exploration. This voyage of self-discovery has been intricate yet immensely meaningful, enabling me to get in touch with myself and arrive at a deeper level of self-understanding. As a result, I have gained valuable insights about my strengths, values, and areas for growth, which have played a crucial role in cultivating my personal awareness and nurturing my personal and professional development. Indeed, it has prepared me to be in a better position as a counsellor.


Coming to the end of my Master of Counselling journey, I have witnessed continuous growth in both my professional and personal development in my counselling practice. Words can’t convey how much I have learned, gained and grown. Nevertheless, these learnings and experiences have shed light on my journey to becoming a counsellor. My Master of Counselling journey at IMU not only grew the seed of my professional identity but also further reassures my passion and meaning in becoming a counsellor. In my pursuit of becoming a counsellor, this journey has been a profound reunion with a self-transformative experience that has nurtured my passion and facilitated my growth. It has been a meaningful and rewarding journey.

Upon completing the Master of Counselling programme in 2022, I bring along my passion, the knowledge and experiences gained and embarked on my new career journey as a counsellor. Working as a counsellor is beyond merely a career. The opportunity to journey alongside my clients is deeply meaningful and rewarding as I witness their transformation from entering the therapy room with little or no hope to leaving the sessions with a revived sense of hope and inner strength. Being able to facilitate this positive change in their lives brings immense inner joy and fulfilment to my journey as a counsellor.

In addition to offering counselling support to individuals in need, I also actively organise mental well-being events, deliver psychoeducation talks, and facilitate training.


As I reflect on my journey through the programme, I am deeply grateful for the comprehensive teaching and learning, practical experiences, and professional development opportunities that have played a vital role in nurturing my professional competence and preparing me well for a transition from a graduate of the Master of Counselling to embarking on a new chapter as a counsellor. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to my supervisor and lecturers for their ongoing support and guidance. Each of them has played a ginormous part in my Master of Counselling journey.


Lastly, what holds the utmost significance for me is the discovery of the profound importance of authenticity and self-discovery. I believe that each individual possesses an innate ability for growth and self-actualisation. Having personally reunited with myself, I have rekindled a revived sense of strength and meaning in life.


As a counsellor, I envision my role as a firefly, illuminating the path in the darkness and embarking on a journey of self-discovery alongside my clients. Together, we embark on a collaborative journey, fostering self-awareness, self-acceptance, and resilience as they discover their inner strength and ultimately find a revived sense of hope and purpose in life. Taking ownership as the artist of my own journey, I have boldly repainted my life with vibrant new colours, marking a truly transformative moment in my life so far. With the newfound meaning I have discovered in my life, it is now my hope to shed some light on their life, journey alongside my clients on their paths towards self-reunion and help them discover their inner light that illuminates their way to healing, growth, and meaningful life.


Written by: Kerk Qian Wei, Counsellor in a well-known private school

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