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Nutrition Faculty Continues to Educate Fraternity and Students Despite Pandemic Challenges

26 Aug 2020

IMU Division of Nutrition and Dietetics has not relented from the effects of pandemic. Our Nutrition faculty have been proactive to communicate about Nutrition and its related concerns on various public platforms. One such platform is the Online Lectures Series on Nutrition in collaboration with Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (SEAMEO RECFON), Jakarta, Indonesia This is part of an ongoing collaboration with Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition. On 23 July 2019, International Medical University (IMU) and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (SEAMEO RECFON) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the collaboration for health and medical research on nutrition and food safety training in Southeast Asia. This collaboration has further opened new avenues for student mobility. Students from the IMU Nutrition Programme have the opportunity to undertake their internship programme through experiential learning in Indonesia, as part of their practicum. This is a great opportunity for a graduate to become a proficient nutritionist, as this overseas experience will empower them to gain invaluable work experience. These students will also be able to exchange cultural practices of food and dietary intake and learn from the practical applications across the borders. Our Nutrition faculty – Dr Snigdha Misra and Dr Sangeetha Shyam – were also speakers in SEAMEO REFRON online lectures on nutrition series.

Dr Snigdha Misra
Dr Snigdha Misra was invited to speak on “Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Consequences and Solutions for Reproductive Health”. Dr Snigdha has been working in the areas of anaemia. Students have been working on the Research in Anaemia under her supervision. Her insights and experiences in dealing with this micro-nutrient deficiency has benefitted students in their learning. She has been actively engaged in reaching out to the community for improvement of their nutritional status. Students in Nutrition programme have appreciated the efforts to engage with the community and are undertaking projects in the community too.
Dr Sangeetha Shyam
Dr Sangeetha Shyam was invited to speak on “Sugar tax and Public Health”. Dr Sangeetha has been working on postprandial glycaemia for the past few years. Sugar tax came under her focus sometime in 2018and she has understudied the rationale for sugar tax, aspects of sugar tax design etc. As a part of the International partnerships, a webinar was conducted by Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education Research, Chennai, India where Dr Sangeetha Shyam, spoke on the topic – “Preparing for Research studies in Nutrition”. She highlighted on the Research career in young graduates in pursuing nutrition research. Locally, Dr Sangeetha was invited as a speaker on carbohydrate selections, in Tamil Language, organised by Ministry of Health Nutrition Division together with BookDoc in a webinar series.

Dr Sangeetha Shyam and Dr Snigdha Misra are two of the many experienced lecturers in Nutrition programme offered at IMU and they are key opinion leaders in the field of nutrition. Studying the Nutrition programme has enabled students to have the opportunities to learn and be involved in research areas such as anaemia or carbohydrate intake behaviour in humans in the community through these lecturers.

The experience and knowledge of these lecturers further taught and provide students the opportunities to develop leadership and team working skills due to strong emphasis on Interprofessional learning and group projects. The programme also places great emphasis on building good communication skills through various oral presentation and industrial placements. Last but not least, in this Nutrition programme, students can participate in student mobility abroad via network collaboration opportunities. Related articles: IMU, SEAMEO RECFON Formalise Collaboration for Nutrition and Food Safety Research and Training in Southeast Asia

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