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Ouch! All about Acupuncture and Needles

22 May 2022

Acupuncture is the first Complementary and Alternative Medicine which has been approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and is commonly used in pain management nowadays. Acupuncture is no more a myth to everyone – by running a search on the keyword ‘acupuncture’ from Google, you may get more than 1 billion results. However, the study of acupuncture not only learning the use of thin fine needles, but it also includes the underlying theory which guides the use of acupuncture, the diagnosis methods of Chinese medicine, moxibustion (a heat therapy by burning mugwort leaves), and cupping (one of the ancient therapies using animal horn/cup to treat illnesses). Learn more at Ouch! All about Acupuncture and Needles (Borneo Post, 22 May 2022).

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