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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree Lead to a Career as Application Chemist

20 Jun 2017

Michelle Lee Jia Yin joined IMU to begin her studies in pharmaceutical chemistry at IMU in 2009. Three years later, in July, she graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from IMU. Currently, she is working as an Application Chemist for the Material Science Group at Research Instrument Group in Malaysia. As the company distributes various scientific instruments to industries and academic institutions, her main role is to share her expertise to the industries as well as academic institutions particularly in the area of Research and Development on the appropriate techniques required for analyses of samples. “I handle operation and application trainings specialising on FTIR and Raman spectroscopy as well as chromatography technique. At times we work together with customers in designing and developing new method based on their application. Besides that, I also conduct workshop and courses on the fundamentals of spectroscopy and chromatography techniques to users in the industry, as well as academics.” said Michele when asked about her job scope.  In addition to that, she also provides technical support to all the respective industry and academic institutions should they require further assistance in analysing samples or interpreting data. “My current career provides me the platform and exposure to various application fields of industries as well as academics. This is definitely a continuous learning opportunity, ensuring that my knowledge and skills are kept fresh and current as workplaces are rapidly evolving all the time.”

Michelle added, “As I entered the working environment after graduation, I realised that I was well-prepared for the job with various knowledge and management skills that I learned throughout the 3 years of study at IMU. It is, without a doubt, IMU has provided us with a very comprehensive learning platform.”

“I would say the most significant soft skill developed at IMU that helped at my current position will be presentation skills. At IMU, there were various presentation opportunities provided and that allowed us to overcome the fear of facing a large audience. If IMU did not require such presentations, I might not have adapted as well in my current position. Besides that, PBL sessions during our studies trained us on how to deal and communicate with various types of people. With the hectic schedules I had in IMU for 3 years, I also learned time management skills as well as multi-tasking skills which I believed is definitely handy and practical when we enter the workforce upon graduation.”

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