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Polytrauma Workshop Enhances IMU Students’ Learning Experience

13 Feb 2019

2 December 2018 – 48 IMU medical students from various semesters (Semester 6 to Semester 10) attended a workshop “Polytrauma in Golden Hours – Initial Resuscitation and Definitive Plan” held at IMU’s Clinical Campus in Seremban. The workshop was a new project initiated by IMU Orthopaedics and Trauma Society (OTS) in collaboration with IMU Emergency Medicine Society (EMS) and IMU Student Representative Council (SRC) Clinical Campus. The main objective of this event is to introduce the concept of multidisciplinary approach in managing a polytrauma patient. With this in mind, participants were exposed to the roles of the several specialities (Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia and General Surgery) that are involved in polytrauma management. Hands-on opportunities were afforded to participants in executing Primary and Secondary survey, as well as in performing Focus Assessment and Sonography in Trauma (FAST) Scan as a bedside procedure in managing polytrauma.

Project Director of this Workshop
Kok Jian Hui, ME214 (OTS)
Assisted by
Tan Chen Liang, ME 115 (EMS)
Chin Wee Hau, ME 115 (SRC)

IMU Semester 6 medicine student doing ultrasound This workshop approach is based on two pre prepared 2 polytrauma scenarios, where each scenario involved a simulated patient who was presented to the Emergency Department with multiple types of life threatening injuries. Different learning issues and objectives for each scenario were taught in the workshop.

Lecturers who are Facilitators of the Workshop
 A/Prof Mohammad Arshad Ikram (Orthopaedic)
 Dr Rosdara Masayuni Binti Mohd Sani (Emergency Medicine)
 A/Prof Abdul Kareem Bhurhanudeen (Orthopaedics)
Dr Sherreen Yehia Zakaria Elhariri (General Surgery)
A/Prof Thiruselvi A/P Subramaniam (Anaesthesiology)

Orthopeadics session at a workshop at IMU Clinical Campus in Seremban The practical session on performing FAST Scan was interesting as the knowledge for its application is considered new for medical students. Emergency Medicine Lecturer, Dr Rosdara taught and demonstrated these skills, after which they were practiced by the participants. These skills are an important part in managing a polytrauma patient in order to look for the presence of haemoperitoneum. Participants were also taught the four different views in FAST Scan that includes Right Hepatorenal view, Left Spleenorenal view, Subxiphoid view and Suprapubic view.

Overall, this polytrauma workshop was a successful event. It benefited the participants and provided them the opportunity to learn about the different components of polytrauma approach and management. Feedback from participants indicated that the workshop taught them a comprehensive approach to polytrauma, gave clear explanation of topics presented and easy method to understand and practices of Primary and Secondary survey beside learning from very knowledgeable and helpful lecturers.

Above all, the team work, cooperation and good leadership between OTS, EMS and SRC committee members had delivered this fruitful outcome. Written by Dr Rosdara Masayuni Binti Mohd Sani, Emergency Physician and Advisor, Emergency Medicine Society (EMS)

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