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Queen Mary University of London Expands Collaboration with IMU for its Postgraduate Programme

16 Oct 2019

One of UK’s leading research universities, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), has expanded its collaboration with the International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia to provide an option for students to obtain two degrees: MSc in Molecular Medicine from IMU and MSc in Genomic Medicine from QMUL. Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies, Prof Chu Wan Loy, said, “The School of Postgraduate Studies is pleased to be able to provide an option for our  students to obtain a double degree from IMU and QMUL – the first of its kind for postgraduate programmes at IMU. Without a doubt, this arrangement would offer vast benefits to these students, providing students with an affordable way to gain access to a UK postgraduate degree. This is certainly one of the reasons for us to continuously look for similar collaborations with other universities and this is part of the School’s ongoing mission to provide diversity in our range of postgraduate programmes.” For students who intend to pursue these degrees, gaining a multi-disciplinary perspective on genomics and its application in medicine besides gaining skills pertinent to molecular techniques and theory in improving disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatments will certainly be an added advantage. Gaining these skills and knowledge would expand the students’ portfolio of professional knowledge and lead to a career growth.

About Queen Mary University of London
QMUL is an international hub of education and research excellence offering hundreds of programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and also offer an inspiring environment in which to undertake a PhD. Over the years, the University has formed partnerships with like-minded institutions both in the UK and overseas. QMUL has been one of IMU’s Partner Universities for more than six years. Prior to this, the University has credit transfer arrangements with IMU for its medical programme. With this collaboration, QMUL will be expanding the number of IMU programmes that the university is having collaborative agreements.

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