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13 Aug 2020

MIROS, IMU, InciSioN Malaysia and DriveMark Collaborate in Road Safety Campaign

BANGI, 11 August 2020 – Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Medical University (IMU), InciSioN Malaysia and DriveMark, to formalise a collective effort to promote a Nationwide Road Safety Campaign. The campaign will take place in the form of an interactive challenge called National Safest Driver Challenge (NSDC) along with education and awareness programmes held across various platforms. The NSDC as part of the Nationwide Road Safety Campaign aims to reduce road accidents through better understanding of drivers’ behaviours. Drivers’ behaviours will be tracked and recorded by an interactive app called DriveMark, a community app that tracks some of the most common driving patterns including braking, acceleration, speeding and cornering. “Through DriveMark, we get concrete data on how drivers drive. This will help us identify effective methods to incentivise safe drivers to consistently exhibit safe driving behaviours. We hope to be able to run the NSDC annually not only to recognise and reward safe drivers but also to collect more data for research purposes. Together with IMU and InciSioN Malaysia, our biggest mission is to present data-driven policy papers to the authorities and policy makers in the future to aid informed decision making,” said Syed Ahmad Fuquha, CEO and Founder of Katsana Holdings Sdn Bhd, owner of the DriveMark application.

This collaboration aims to:
• Research on driving behaviour data to develop policies that can reduce road traffic accidents through behavioural change
 • Encourage and reward safe driving behaviours through a National Safest Driver Challenge (NSDC)
 • Educate drivers on road traffic accidents and promote safe driving behaviours through awareness campaigns

“Generally, we see a need for a holistic and practical road safety education and awareness programme for all road users in a bid to reduce road accidents. This is particularly true for youth drivers who are aged between 16-25 where their knowledge of road safety is still developing,” said Prof Abdul Aziz Baba, Vice-Chancellor of IMU. “We are glad to be a part of this initiative as it’s in line with one of IMU Community Engagement’s anchoring pillars based on the UN Sustainable Development Goal Target 3.6 that aims to halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2020.” A collective effort to promote a Nationwide Road Safety Campaign in the form of an interactive challenge along with education and awareness programmes. IMU and InciSioN Malaysia will host a series of seminars sharing a wide range of information including road traffic accidents statistics, prevention measures, intervention during an accident, also post-accident support for victims to aid recovery. The campaign will also reach out to the general public through other communication channels such as radio stations, social media and others. The organisers of NSDC are presently seeking more partnerships to drive this nationwide campaign further. Entities such as the media, corporate sponsors are greatly welcome. Any road users can participate in this campaign by downloading the DriveMark app to start tracking their driving behaviours and drivers with good scores will be entitled to various rewards. For more information you can follow DriveMark, IMU Cares and InciSioN Malaysia on Facebook. This MOU signed by the Ir Dr Khairil Anwar bin Abu Kassim, Director General of MIROS, Prof Abdul Aziz Baba, Vice-Chancellor of IMU, Dr Hung Wei Pin, President of InciSioN Malaysia, and Mr Syed Ahmad Fuquha, CEO of Katsana Holdings Sdn Bhd, will see an initial collaboration of two years to conduct this nationwide campaign.

About these Organisations
Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS)  MIROS is an agency under the Ministry of Transport Malaysia serve as a central repository of knowledge and information on road safety. The findings derived from research and evidence- based intervention programs provide the basis for the formulation of new strategies, legislations, policies, and enforcement measures, governing road safety at the national level. Principally engaged in research, MIROS collaborates closely with local and international government agencies and private bodies to further the cause of road safety.
International Medical University (IMU)  Founded in 1992, the IMU is Malaysia’s first and most established full-fledged private medical and health sciences university. IMU is also actively serving the community through its Community Engagement, a platform for students and staffs to contribute back to the community.
InciSioN Malaysia  InciSioN Malaysia was established in 2019 as a registered charitable body. It is a national nonprofit organization consisting of medical students, residents and young doctors throughout the country who wish to tackle any social, global health issues including global surgery. We work towards the common goal of access to safe, timely and affordable surgical healthcare for all. Our work rests on three pillars of Advocacy, Education, and Research.
DriveMark DriveMark is a subsidiary of KATSANA Holdings Sdn Bhd. DriveMark is a transparent ecosystem that encourages and nurtures drivers to be safer. DriveMark scores driving behaviour through an app that reads sensor data from modern smartphone. It incentivises safe drivers through a variety of rewards such as fuel vouchers, insurance cashbacks, prizes, etc.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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